Saturday, August 20, 2016

Young Fan Gets Priceless Birthday Gift from Dierks Bentley

One of our youngest DB Congress members, 8-year-old Derek Verst, got the best birthday gift ever last weekend in Indy! 
Mom Gina told us, "Derek is one of my triplets and it was his belated birthday present to go to the Dierks Bentley concert, including VIP."
Last September in Cincinnati, Dierks pulled Derek on stage during Drunk On A Plane.  So his goal for the VIP experience this time in Indy was to get Dierks to sign a photo he had brought from last year's experience.
But, boy did he get so much more! Gina tells us the story:
"The Indy VIP show was already extra special in and of itself because Dierks' girls, Evie and Jordan, each joined him on stage to sing songs.  But, then while prepping to do D.O.A.P. during the VIP show, Derek held out the photo and Dierks willingly autographed it.  He then asked Derek if he remembered the words.  Derek confidently replied, "Yes!" (he later asked me how he could not know the words to his FAVORITE song?!?)  Dierks helped him up on the stage and adjusted the mic Ben Helson had been singing on.  Derek nailed every last word!
Derek was still floating on cloud 9 from the VIP experience and I think his night would have been made with that.
But, he stood in the pit at the rail near our seats, singing and dancing along the entire night.  His face when the plane emerged for D.O.A.P. was PRICELESS! 
A group of people who were in the VIP event came over and asked if they could try to get Derek on stage and I said, "Sure!"  While Dierks was singing D.O.A.P., a man lifted Derek up and a large group of people started pointing and motioning towards Derek.  Dierks came over and grabbed his "co-pilot."  He placed Derek in the cock-pit of the plane and Derek got the best view in the house to watch the remainder of the finale.
After the show, Dierks tweeted a shout-out to his "co-pilot" with the picture."
Truly an unforgettable night!

Special thanks to Suzanne Jarvis for the videos and Kathy Butler for the photos.

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