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Black: #1 in Our Hearts, and Now on the Charts!

One year after the release of what is considered to be Dierks Bentley’s “most fully-formed release of his career,” the title track, Black, has made it to #1.

Dierks secured his 16th career #1 single when Black topped the Mediabase radio chart on May 30. It’s also been climbing Billboard’s Country Airplay chart, reaching #2 this week. Following the Platinum Certified and award-winning singles Somewhere on a Beach and Different for Girls from the same album, Black has already been certified Gold.

“Every single we’ve put out this year has been a really important piece of the story of this album, but Black is the one that’s really the cornerstone of the whole project, and it’s about my wife,” Dierks said. “Watching this one rise to the top of the chart is extra sweet.

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The album came together around this title track. According to Dierks, “I wrote the song Black and felt like it was the centerpiece of what the album could be: exploring relationships. It’s kind of dark and moody and sexy, and it’s also my wife’s maiden name, Black, so it has some personal layers to it for me. I felt like it was something I could really go deep on and build an album around.”

Not only is the song itself getting the recognition it deserves, but the video is climbing the charts, as well. The CMT Hot 20 Countdown, as of June 3, has the Black video in the #2 position.

We agree with The Boot in their assessment of the video: “It’s hard to decide what’s more breathtaking: the vast Icelandic scenery or the woman at the center of the clip … who just so happens to be Bentley’s wife, Cassidy!”

Well, we’d add Dierks to the “breathtaking” description, too.

“I had the idea of putting my wife in the video, which is totally taking her out of her comfort zone, but I just couldn’t imagine doing a video for this song without her in it and she reluctantly agreed. But then totally nailed it,” Dierks said. “It wouldn’t have been genuine without her.”

Filmed in picturesque Reykjavik, Iceland, (during a storm, no less), with director Wes Edwards, the video goes on a journey with Dierks as he follows Cassidy through the breathtaking landscape, finally reaching her at the video's end. At face value, it's sexy and beautiful; when you look at it knowing the relationship it’s describing, it becomes intimate, mature and full of trust.

There’s no question why this video is climbing the charts.

There’s still time to get Black to #1. Request it on your local radio stations and vote for the video!

*Update: Since writing this blog, Black reached #1 on the CMT Hot 20 Countdown, as of June 11!

**Bonus: Read Cassidy's interpretation of Dierks asking her to be in the video!

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