Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Dierks Bentley Has Serviceman Seeing Stars (and Stripes)

Coast Guard Captain Jeff Yarosh's love for his country runs deep, a value instilled in him by his dad. "My dad raised us with the central belief that nothing is more important than God, family and country." Jeff recognizes this same set of values in his favorite artist, Dierks Bentley (especially with headlines such as the military reunion meet and greet). So when the opportunity to possibly sing with Dierks came up for Jeff in 2014, he was all in.

Jeff was nominated by his boss, Rory Souther, to be the Coast Guard finalist in the ACM Presents: An All-Star Salute To The Troops. Dierks was featured in the event with artists such as Carrie Underwood and Florida Georgia Line. One member from each military branch was selected to perform with the artist of their choice at the concert.
Thank you to Zimbio.com for the photos from the Salute to the Troops event.
Jeff ultimately wasn't selected, but his submission video seen here is still bringing smiles (a video he filmed with his daughter, Evelyn, who shares her name with Dierks' oldest daughter):

At the What The Hell Tour concert last month in Bristow, Va., Jeff's wife, Caren, had the opportunity to share her husband's story with Dierks at a meet and greet. After, Dierks told Caren he needed to look this video up online.

"He asked her for my name, and since he had nothing else to write on or with, he used the Sharpie he was using for autographs to write my name on his forearm," Jeff says. "A lot of people can say they got an autograph from Dierks, but I get to claim that he wrote MY name on him!"

To top it off, Jeff adds "Dierks [did] me the honor of accepting the gift my wife gave him: a t-shirt from the ship I just had command of--the best Band of Brothers I've ever been a part of."

Caren Yarosh w/ Dierks Bentley at the June 9 Bristow, Va., What The Hell Tour meet and greet.
The Yarosh's story, no doubt, resonated with Dierks, given
1. Wish It Would Break is a song he wished would have been his first single
2. He genuinely appreciates his fans
3. Patriotism and support of our service men and women are foundational for Dierks

"To see Dierks giving back and supporting the troops and our veterans, I think it's why we can all agree that Dierks is one of the good guys," Jeff says. "Home is a reminder that we shouldn't take the idea for granted that freedom is something which needs to be cultivated and protected."
Dierks understood how big that anthem could be.

Red, white and blue clearly run strong in Dierks' veins.  Just as strong is his love for his fans.

"I sat near the exit and watched each of [the meet and greet winners] as they came out," Jeff says. "The smiles they had on their faces were as wide as the Grand Canyon. Such a little thing, but it clearly meant a lot to those people. He should be proud of that."

After all, he's the one who taught us, "To the things I believe in, my faith, your love, our freedom."

Jessica Borrelli
DB Congress Rep, WA

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