Sunday, August 13, 2017

Dierks on the Tuesday Night Opry

Dierks Bentley performed on the Tuesday Night Opry July 18, 2017.  The next best thing to being there is listening online!  Listen here. You can find Dierks at the one hour 39 minute mark. 

Bill Cody's Introduction:  "His critically acclaimed album was 12 years ago he became a member of The Grand Ole Opry, ladies and Gentlemen, his name is Dierks Bentley!"

Dierks likes to ad lib a lot and change up the lyrics sometimes to match the venue. Here's a litte recap.

I Hold On

...What they don't know is my dad and me We drove her out to Tennessee And she's still here and now he's gone So I hold on

What's up dad?

You see this here flat top guitar, Has had my back in every Broadway bar trying to sing every Vince Gill song

I can hear you Opry

After the song, he introduced the band Tim Sergent, Dan Hochhalter, Cassady Feasby, Ben Helson and Steve Misamore.  "Steve and I go way back, played at a bar on Second Avenue that's no longer there and  one night Vince Gill walked in on stage, so I'm having kind of surreal moment playing the Opry in the same room with Vince again.  Unbelievable to be a member of the Grand Ole Opry and be standing in the circle."

Different For Girls

Big TV up there, I can kind of check the old bald spot. I mean not bad, pretty good coverage, right?
Maybe could use a little spraying...oh, sorry, thought I was here by myself. Y'all having fun tonight? We're gonna try this song for the first time at the Opry... I don't know if it will work or not, this is a tough crowd, its the last big #1 we had ...wrote this song about my wife and all the things that go on when the lights go off."


Standing O! now if one person is standing you really can't count that, but if two people are standing that's a standing ovation plural, right?

My 8 year old daughter Evie is here tonight.  First time being at the Opry as an 8 year old!

Drunk On A Plane - getting drunk on the Opry...I'm getting drunk on a stage...kiss know...I think she's getting drunk on Grand Ole Opry lemonade backstage.

Thank you Grand Ole Opry What an honor to be here...hope you all have the best time in Nashville, this great be nothing without these great country music fans...standing ovation! Whoa! That's what a standing O looks like!

Don't miss Dierks on the Tuesday Night Opry August 15!  Listen online at!

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