Saturday, September 30, 2017

Dierks and Sheryl Hit The Streets of Nashville in Carpool Karaoke

For those of us who follow Dierks Bentley on social media, we knew it was coming.
For those who follow happenings in downtown Nashville, you knew even sooner than that.

Carpool Karaoke (Goes Country) edition, featuring Dierks Bentley and Sheryl Crow, finally aired this week, and it was worth the wait.

On July 31, Dierks dropped this teaser:

A post shared by Dierks Bentley (@dierksbentley) on

With that bit of information in our pocket, a look back at an April 5 post from Legends Corner gave us a little more insight on what we could expect from this highly-anticipated episode:

The episode was available on iTunes and Apple Music as of Sept. 26. You can watch it here (though you will need an account to do so). It didn't disappoint.

For those who don't have an account (or who want to relive the magic), here's a brief recap!
*spoiler alert*

With Dierks in the driver's seat and Sheryl riding shotgun, the comfortable pair took a drive down music memory lane, singing personal hits such as "All I Wanna Do," "Picture," "What Was I Thinkin'," and "Drunk on a Plane." (Though it's questionable if Sheryl knew all of the words, she nailed the majority of the song!)

They even pull in a random musician strolling down the street to have him sing "If It Makes You Happy." Surprising the pair, he gets the chance to sing one of his own. They picked a winner. Dierks even replies, "If I had the button to turn my seat around right now, I would! You're great man!" As it turns out, the musician is David Oakleaf who was a top 5 finalist on CMT's Can You Duet? in 2008. According to his Instagram post, he's still on a Dierks and Sheryl high six months later.

After finding out pretty much no one knows how to spell either of their names, Cheryl and Derk decide to take the challenge of seeing how many gigs they can accomplish in their remaining 30 minutes. The only rules--pull over, run in, play something, run out.

With stops at Tootsie's Orchid Lounge and (a very familiar venue for Dierks) Legend's Corner, they successfully fit in four shows in 30 minutes (with an entertaining bonus fifth show in the last minute in a back alley!). Classic country was on the menu with songs such as "Good Hearted Woman" and "I Hear That Train A Comin.'"

For those who want to see behind the scenes, these lucky fans happened to be at Tootsie's and Legend's when the pair took the stage:

With prior duets at the 2014 ACMs and the 2013 ACM Fan Festival, a special Miles and Music for Kids in 2012, and even social media jokes last year, it's clear the two have a friendship filled with laughter and "some fun" performing together.

With Whiskey Row opening in the coming months in Nashville, my guess is DB Congress members will be taking to the streets in droves, looking for their chance of a drive by!

Jessica Borrelli
DB Congress Rep, WA

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