Monday, December 3, 2018

Dierks Bentley's Belated Birthday - DBC Gave and Received

Dierks Bentley changed up the set list during his last show of 2018, and even though they had given Dierks a belated birthday present earlier in the day, DBC Reps received a surprise performance that had many in tears.

"Got some amazing fans (pointing to the pit), long time fans,  they've been to several shows on the tour and I don't want to do the same show, I want to change some things up.  So you can thank these folks (hard core fans) for forcing myself, forcing the band to step up our game," Dierks told the crowd Saturday night in Durant, Oklahoma.

Enter Evie Bentley, his 10-year-old daughter, who has performed with him before, but in one song, went from good to great! Together the daddy-daughter duo took turns with chorus and verse of "My Religion" from The Mountain album. Dierks visibly was in awe of her singing--or was it the lyrics she was singing that caused him to bite his fist: "Ain't gonna lie, I've been drinkin', that Colorado's got me stoned."  That's when he told her, 'I think I should do the chorus.'

Video credit: Michelle Wilson

Before the show, Dierks opened his "Happy Birthday to one of the best" gift bag and thanked the DB Congress (on video below) for the customized guitar strap, giant fold-out birthday card, "signed by all the folks I get see on a regular basis out there - appreciate that so much!" And the donation to Jumbled Dreams Changing Lives, the non-profit organization dedicated to helping one person at a time realize, prepare, and achieve the dream to help others in any way possible.  The mother/daughter founders were featured in Dierks' Woman, Amen video (Jennifer and Sydnee).

"Best fans ever!"

"The fact that you guys would like do this is so crazy nice, I mean that is a killer guitar strap--It was only a mountain, wow!  I mean that's gonna be a great strap--look at this thing, it's from the fan club! It's amazing! Engraved there with the Seven Peaks logo and Riser bird! Thank you, congress!"

Happy birthday, dude!

Video credit: Zach Belcher

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