Monday, April 8, 2019

Dierks Was "Travelin' Light" For 2019 ACM Awards

The 2019 ACM Awards had definite "light" moments for Dierks Bentley, including a performance that's being talked about across the country.

The night kicked off in the most perfect of ways, with the ACM social media pages announcing an early win for Dierks and Brothers Osborne. They walked into the event having already won the Music Event of the Year for their "Burning Man" collaboration.

While this doesn't come with an official acceptance speech, Dierks and the guys were quite grateful for the win, and sent out a tweet to say thank you!

(This win is extra sweet after Dierks' earlier interview where he noted his kids always remind him he never wins anything. Not tonight!)

Speaking of the red carpet, Dierks and his wife, Cassidy, looked absolutely stunning (thank you to CMT for this wonderful photo of the Bentleys (right) with Catherine Shepherd and Brandi Carlile (left))!

While Brandi is a Grammy award winning singer, songwriter and producer, many might not have known there were ties between her and Dierks. For those of us who have had The Mountain on repeat for the better part of the last year, her voice is a familiar one gracing our speakers. And DB Congress members were elated to have the chance to see their duet "Travelin' Light" live at the awards show, which Billboard said, in the most positive of ways, that it was "almost as if they were having fun at a karaoke session with friends--just with all-star vocals!"

You can watch their performance here.

Brandi's newest collaboration, Highwomen (a play on the 80s and 90s supergroup Highwaymen which includes Maren Morris, Amanda Shires, Natalie Hemby and Lori McKenna), even gave a Twitter invite to Dierks as an honorary member!

Based on the banter between Dierks and Brandi before the show, it was clear the two love to perform together and they embrace a live show audience. In another interview, they discussed the evening itself was light. As Dierks noted, "There isn't a lot of heaviness to this show. It's just a fun place to be. It's Vegas. It's springtime. It feels pretty good."

As Brandi said of "Travelin' Light" and of Dierks, "I wanted to sing it because I felt [the song] and I felt Dierks' voice so much. I'm a big fan of his humanity, the kind of dad he is, the guy he is, the kind of husband he is. He's just somebody I want to spend a lot more time with."

Perhaps Brandi will "lay it down" again on a future Dierks album? We're ready!

Bonus: This "light" photo was captured at the event, and our DB Congress friends across the pond had a little fun, seeking captions. How would you caption this photo?

Jessica Borrelli
DB Congress Rep, WA

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