Friday, June 8, 2012

Behind the Scenes of Dierks' 5150 Video: Exclusive Interview With Leading Lady

Photo provided by Morgan Grotheer
Morgan, Dierks Bentley, 4/29/12, Savannah, GA
Belmont University senior, Morgan Grotheer, says it was an honor working with Dierks Bentley on his new "5-1-5-0" music video, directed by Wes Edwards.

Thanks to Morgan's mom, Renee', for a very complimentary email about DB Congress, and the heads up that daughter Morgan is "the beautiful blond that obtained the lead role for [the 5150] video shoot."

Renee' also told us Morgan, now a Nashville, TN resident, is a native to Savannah, GA, and the video was filmed in nearby Bloomingdale, GA. "Working with Dierks Bentley, John Burke (producer) and Wes Edwards as well as the extras was an amazing experience for Morgan. She told me that everyone was professional, organized and most of all really nice."

We told you about the shoot, and we are now happy to give our readers the exclusive interview with leading lady, Morgan, below!

DBC: How did the opportunity for you to star in the video come about?

Morgan: A friend of mine, in town, contacted me about the role. Within a week I was notified I was going to be the leading lady.

DBC:  What did you have to do for your audition?

Morgan:  There really wasn't an audition.  I met with the director at a coffee shop and spoke with him.  The next day I received a call informing me I got the part.  I flew out two days later.  It was a dream!

DBC:  I understand from your mom it was filmed in your hometown—did you grow up going to the Big Nasty RV Park or other similar places?

Morgan:  I had been on 4wheelers (atvs) prior to the video shoot, but growing up near a beach (Tybee) my friends and I were always there.

DBC:  Is your background in acting and/or was this your first music video?

Morgan:  No, This was my first time ever being behind a video camera. My background is in singing. I moved to Nashville to pursue the music business.

DBC: Was there a script ahead of time or were you “directed” on the shoot?

Morgan:  I was directed on set. I was nervous, but then due to the fun atmosphere and outstanding group of people I worked with I was able to really enjoy the experience.

DBC:  How much of a Dierks fan were you before the video? And now?

Morgan: Yes, I love Country Music. Dierks is an incredible artist. Working with him on “5-1-5-0”, was an honor. One thing I really admire is his undenying passion for what he does and eagerness to bring smiles to the fans. It was evident on set!

DBC: What was your favorite memory of the day while shooting? Funniest moment?

Morgan:  I think the funniest moments of the whole day was everyone taking bets on how far Dierks could take “Big White” through the mud. He got farther than we all expected, but once the truck was stuck, Dierks and his band mates jumped in the mud. (Shown at the end of the video)

DBC: How did you get through the whole video without getting muddy?

Morgan: (haha) The scenes of me on the 4wheeler did not take place until after they had completed the other video footage. I assure you before the day was over I had mud on me.

DBC: What are your thoughts on the song and final video?

Morgan: Wes Edwards, who also directed Jason Aldean’s “Tatoos On This Town,” is an exceptional director! This video really encompassed what country music is all about; having a good time. I love the song. Its weird seeing myself in a video, but overall I think everything was a huge success.

Amy Shepheard, DBC Rep, DE
In the back of "Big White"
Also on site during the April 29 filming of the video was DB Congress rep, Amy Shepheard, of Delaware.  Her role was to hand out props (empty beer bottles) to everyone in the crowd.  Then, she had to collect them all again to get the "labels" covered, then passed them all out again--and make sure everyone was 21! Whew! What a crazy job! Just this side of loco!

Watch the official video and the outtakes on the DBTV episode below.  The video is also for sale on itunes and currently #6 on the itunes country video chart.

"We're just being us in this one.  This is the 18th video I've made, I think we finally figured it out." 
Dierks Bentley


  1. Love the video and the interview Ronna. A good job again.

  2. I love the boots Morgan wore in the video can someone please tell me what brand they are!!

  3. Morgan is truly the most Beautiful girl i have ever seen!!!!

  4. @Anonymous: The boots are Frye Boots. The necklace is Lucky Brand and the shorts are from American Eagle.

  5. Morgan is my cousin and I watched her grow from a little girl to a wonderful and smart young woman.. The girl has a wonderful singing voice and I am so glad her mother spotted it early and got her headed in the direction for success. I cant wait to see what she will do next.
    Dillon >8^)

  6. What type were the fourwheelers in the video