Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Bentley's Back! Thanks Fans for Support After Dad's Passing

Only a week after his dad's death, Dierks Bentley is right back where he is the most at home--on stage.

Photo Courtesy of the CMA
Saturday, June 9 in Detroit at the annual Hoedown, Dierks dedicated "My Last Name" to his dad.  I don't know how he held it together to get through it, but he did! When he finished, he said, "thank you, that was for my dad...thanks dad (as he appeared to wipe tears away) ...and this next one's for Detroit (Line No. 7)":

CBS Local, Kurt Wolff, had this to say:

"It was the sound of letting go–the powerful feeling of a human being who has felt loss, yet was now ready to step back into the world and cut loose. Dierks Bentley, who lost his father only a week ago, chose Detroit’s WYCD Downtown Hoedown as his moment to return to the public eye, and the stage–and to turn all that emotion into something positive.

And what the fans got last night was a truly rousing performance from one of country music’s most engaging performers.

Low-key in person, and even during interviews (he spoke with WYCD’s Steve Grunwald backstage before his performance), it’s a surprise to see how engaging and fiery a performer Dierks can be when he gets in front of a rowdy crowd."

Read the rest of what he said about Dierks here.

Dierks thanked his fans after the show in Detroit on Twitter: “good to be back. thank you detroit… much needed. thanks for bringing it tonight.”

After Detroit, it was back to his home state of Tennessee, to perform at the CMA Music Fest LP Field stage in Nashville on Sunday, followed by The Grand Ole Opry on Tuesday night--a fill in at the last minute for Charlie Daniels.

What goes around comes around.  Big and Rich filled in for Dierks after the Washington Nationals game June 2 so Dierks could be with his family at this sad time in his life.

It's just like Dierks to show appreciation to his fans, During CMA Fest, he said:
"It was really something I was looking forward to. Good medicine. It's what I needed. The second I got out there, I felt great... All these people I don’t know reaching out in so many great ways."
And his fans have shown their love and appreciation for him.  I have personally witnessed dozens of fans send donations to Hospice, who cared for Leon Bentley in his final days, in support of their favorite artist.  For more info on how to donate click here, or send condolence cards to Dierks at:

Dierks Bentley, c/o The Green Room PR 
PO Box 331474, Nashville, TN, 37203

When we're all alone, or in a crowd, in a quiet place or where music's loud...that's how you know we're thinking of you!  We're always thinking of you, Dierks!

Welcome back, Mr. President!

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  1. Gives me goosebumps thinking about how he must have felt singing My Last Name the first time after losing his father. :'(

  2. Thanks for sharing this Ronna. Granny Ann