Monday, June 10, 2013

Dierks Bentley Shares Personal Feelings With Fans at Last Call Ball 9

DB Congress is not just another fan club.  Dierks Bentley considers his loyal following "friends." And we're all like a big family. So much so, that Dierks felt comfortable enough to share his emotional journey over the last year with us in a personal setting of  just over 300 congress members at the Belcourt Theater in Nashville yesterday.

It really was the "Last Call Ball," ending a week of CMA Festival activities, where Dierks was popping up all over the place! Starting with an impromptu song with The Grascals when they performed at the Riverfront stage, to sound check at LP Field, to the Martin Guitar tent (where lots of DBC reps had been waiting most of the day until 3 pm), Saturday was pretty busy for our President.

During the Martin set, Dierks told the crowd how much he loved Martin Guitars and held his up to show off all the autographs, including George Jones', and shared his excitement in having his very own Martin HD Dierks Bentley, which he switched to, to play 'Home.'  He placed one knee on a stool and quipped, "Man, I sure could use a strap...working hard here..." He also said he had some friends there, some hard core fans (wait! He means us!), who had been passing out Riser stickers all over town, promoting the new album due this fall, and thanked us. Later in the Meet and Greet line, he thanked us for rocking the new DB Congress shirt.

Photo by Clint Bond, from the 3rd St. Pedestrian Bridge, overlooking LP Field

The crowd at LP Field Saturday night lit up the arena like stars and chanted "USA, USA, USA" when Dierks sang his new signature, patriotic song, 'Home." 

“I don’t have a hometown, I have a home country,” he says. “This song is called ‘Home’ and I’m sending it out to all the guys and girls that keep this country safe. This song is for them.”

Photo by Kate Belcher
Although Kacey Musgraves is featured on the radio single (available for digital download June 14), Hillary Lindsey made a guest appearance to sing harmonies with Dierks on 'Bourbon In Kentucky,' which she co-wrote.

Photo by Hillary Lindsey Fans on FB
"If you guys knew how many songs she wrote that you guys listen to on country radio, you'd be going...*raised both arms in the air*...look her up! Google it!"

The Tennesseean blogged the LP performances song-by-song here.

Last Call Ball 9

The line for Last Call Ball 9 started around 6 a.m. on Sunday, June 9 at the Belcourt Theater. Gotta have front row, right? The girls from Music City Networks (thanks, Basak!) came down the line several times and handed out lanyards and asked us to play a game.  Fill out this piece of paper and let us know whether you think Dierks and Cassidy's third baby will be a boy or girl and write down your name suggestions.

During the show, Dierks read off a handful of recommended names and gender guesses before finally revealing, "We're having a boy!"  Cassidy said I could tell you guys, but that's don't tell anybody."  Yeah, right!  That's big news, dude! The deafening screams of excitement said it all! Thanks for sharing with your fan club friends first!  We're sure big sisters Evie (4) and Jordan (2) are gonna love their new baby brother, due this fall.

DBTV #105 recapped the segment:

The longer version:

The Music

Dierks and the guys--Steve Misamore, Tim Sergent, Dan Hochhalter, Cassady Feasby, and Brian Layson (whom he introduced one at a time)--started out the acoustic set with some recent favorites: Am I The Only One, Free and Easy, and 5150, before launching into four new songs from the upcoming album (Riser): Riser, I Hold On, Drunk on a Plane, and Bourbon in Kentucky.

"What they don't know's my dad and me, we drove her out to Tennessee..." (I Hold On)

Dierks shared his sadness with us, remembering his dad's passing a year ago, speaking honestly about his feelings, including regret he had to cancel LCB 8, and thanked us for understanding.  But he said it was a blessing to be able be with his dad at Hospice. We could tell he was struggling to get through the intro, clearing his throat often, before delivering a raw, emotional vocal and a huge sigh of relief at the end. "I can't believe I got through it!" In two parts, watch the videos, the intro, then the song, 'I Hold On.' 

"Got a little mile-high flight attention" (Drunk On A Plane)

"This may never be a single but I can already see the video for it...anybody have any contacts with Jason...what's his name?"  Segel! "Yes! Big tall guy?...I can already see the video..."

"I'm a riser...I'm a get down low so I can lift you higher..."

Dierks tends to over-think things.  He freely admitted that when he was introducing "I'm A Riser," the title song of the new album written by Travis Meadows and Steve Moakler. See what Dierks has to say about the logo/artwork--notice which way the Thunderbird faces and the special meaning it holds for him.  He also told us he was nervous.

Bourbon In Kentucky - "I want you guys to have the best experience ever"

After the new songs, he started asking for requests and played Tip It On Back, Wish It Would Break, and Come a Little Closer. To close out the musical portion of the party, Dierks asked us to vote on either the song that got it all started (What Was I Thinkin') or Home.  While 'Thinkin' will always be his very first signature song, 'Home' is the new superstar of his catalog so far.  His congress didn't hesitate with their exuberant response - HOME!

Standing Ovation!

Let's Hang Out!

Row by row in the seated theater (did I mention how weird it was to be sitting the whole time? Yet relaxing and special), we lined up to meet Dierks, get a photo taken, autograph, and chat for a minute.  As he always does, he stayed and met every single person! It took hours, but he did it! That's our Prez!

Thanks for making it so special, D!


  1. Thanks for the awesome review Ronna since I couldn't be there this year.

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