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DB Congress Exclusive Interview: Catching Up With Dr. Feasby

Photo Credit: Stephanie Lanham, Riser Tour,
Charlotte/Raleigh May 9-10, 2014
Fresh off the Dierks Bentley headlining Riser Tour opening weekend, bass player Cassady Feasby (aka Dr. Feasby) found time to answer a few questions for us!  He told us about some of his favorite memories over the last four years and reveals a few secrets, showing his sly sense of humor and his serious side, too!  He promised his answers would be funnier than Fiddlin Dan's!  You be the judge!

Our last interview with you was in 2010, shortly after you joined Team Dierks. Wow, has it really been four years? What have you been up to?

Four years…wow! I joined Dierks three months before my daughter was born. Time doesn’t fly – it snowballs into bigger and better things.

How much do you love us when we prank you? Which prank stands out as a favorite for you?

As you know, I am NOT a fan of pranks! Ha! The most memorable (so far) is when 5 DB Congress members handed everyone in the front row pictures of me doing a shirtless Fabio pose on an Australian beach. I couldn’t keep it together. Wait, why are there pictures of me doing that in the first place? High fives, y'all!

Oh, you mean this one from the Beaufort, South Carolina show in April 2012? Yep--that was us! We purposely held those up during "Feel That Fire." High fives back at ya!

You are quite the quirky “Tweeter.” While you are still “@drfeasby,” you changed your Twitter name from Dr. Feasby to Capt. Chet. Why is that?

Dan “Hawk” Hochhalter and I have a running theme: ‘High on Ideas, Low on Execution.’ One of those ideas is our bluegrass side project. In two years we finally have a name –no songs- just a name: Capt. Chet and the Dead Weight. I doubt @fiddlindan will be changing his Twitter name. He has so much more to offer than just dead weight.

What is your favorite tour memory?

Free Bus Rides? Haha. There are so many great memories. Highlights would have to be playing the Grand Ole Opry, the Grammy’s, and Red Rocks (not to mention the first night of the Riser tour – insane!) When the infamous Goldie Bus crossed the 1 million mile mark we pulled off the side of the road just inside the US border after a 2 week Canadian run and partied right on the highway. We definitely have a good time wherever we go!

Your guitar pick features the Dierks Bentley Riser bird on the front and your initials on the back – in sign language. What’s the significance of that?

Two of my sisters-in-law are hearing impaired and one of my brothers-in-law is an ASL interpreter. It’s kind of a tip of the hat to them. One of my goals this year is to become a better signer.

We know you love to scout out the venues ahead of a show date for the local fishing opportunities. How many fish have you caught? And since you love to cook, do you keep them in the bus and cook them up for Team Dude after the show?

Last year I became more of a fishing lure collector than an actual fisherman. It’s pathetic. However, Tim Sergent [steel player] and I went the day before the opening night of the Riser tour and landed several 3-7.5 pound large mouth North Carolinian bass. On the road we usually catch and release after taking a few fish selfies (of course, right?)

One of our favorite songs on Dierks’ new album, Riser, is the title cut. Every time I hear that 5-beat bass guitar, all I can hear is you playing it. How does it feel to play this song live?

Riser is my favorite song on the record. I’m glad it’s in the set list – as it should be! Bourbon In Kentucky is really fun to sing and play. Oh…and Damn These Dreams – so true.

Which Dierks music video has been the most memorable for you? To this day, we can’t watch you all sing “Am I The Only One?” live on stage without think of you as “Wild Man Willie.”

The [Up On The] Ridge video comes to mind because it was the first video I was in literally weeks after I joined. 5-1-5-0 was obviously a complete blast. I lost my wedding ring jumping into the mud off the back of Dierks’ truck. My wife wasn’t happy or surprised however. The Drunk [On A Plane] video was pretty silly. I was finally able to live out my childhood dream of being a flight attendant. It’s too bad no one has any fun out here!

Thanks for taking the time to do this! We very much appreciate it!  By the way, WE'RE having fun too! 

The Drunk On A Plane video premiers tomorrow, featuring Dr. Feasby as "Sergei Mariposa."  Check back with us here on over the next few days for the recap of the Riser Tour opening weekend shows!

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  1. Thanks Cass for sharing with us you know we all love you! Looking forward to the next 10 years!