Monday, September 22, 2014

Dierks Bentley Shines In "Say You Do" Music Video

Dierks Bentley's third single from CMA nominated Album of the Year, Riser, doesn't go for radio adds until 10/6, but the video for "Say You Do" made a smokin' hot entrance online today - 9/22.

Written by Matt Ramsay, Shane McAnally and Trevor Rosen, Dierks sings the song with such strong emotion, it's as if he wrote it himself.  In the video, filmed in Canada, he plays the main character with powerful want and hurt and yearning on his face and in his voice, all the while leaving the viewer wondering how in the world anybody would not 'say they do.'

Director Wes Edwards (Tip It On Back, 5-1-5-0, I Hold On) does it again, and will have you begging for more."Today is all about tryin' to capture the loneliness, the yearning, the conflict of the song, and it's all focused on actors," he told ETOnline, who posted behind the scenes footage of Dierks on the set of filming the video.

"I think it's pretty evident there is a hardcore yearning going on in this song, and personally, it's something I've experienced in the worst ways in past relationships," Bentley tells ET. "The song is about wanting something so badly even if it's not good for you, just wanting that love back, which is something I think everyone can relate to at some point in their life."

Ok, we'll go ahead and say it.  Our president is pretty smoking hot in this video!  We don't mind a little smoke getting in our eyes!  No, we're not bending the truth! See for yourself!

View exclusive photos on the "Say You Do" set from US Weekly here.

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