Saturday, March 4, 2017

Dierks Bentley and Jon Pardi get "Strait" to classic country on the "What The Hell" Tour

Whether you were born wearing cowgirl boots or just donned your first pair at a recent "What The Hell" Tour concert, there are some country classics with which everyone can sing along. 

So when Dierks Bentley and Jon Pardi decided to have some extra fun on tour, honoring one of their biggest heroes was just too good to pass up.

Man, did they do it justice.

During a recent “What the Hell” Tour concert, Dierks and Jon, after a time of banter and joking with the crowd, led the band (and entire audience!) in the George Strait 1987 hit “All My Ex’s Live in Texas.”

One fan* posted a video of this talented performance, which you can watch here (song begins at 1:57):

George Strait holds a special place in Dierks’ heart. Early in his career, Dierks had the privilege of opening for George on tour. At one of those concerts, Dierks met up with his childhood sweetheart, Cassidy, again (who would later become his wife!). On that same tour, when in Dierks’ hometown of Phoenix, Ariz., George played “I Just Want to Dance With You” because he knew it was Dierks’ mom’s favorite song.

From growing up listening to George through his parents, to opening for George on tour, to now headlining his own show and paying homage to his hero, Dierks certainly has a connection with King George.

As Dierks said in a recent interview, “He is tied into my family in many, many ways.”

One more unforgettable way was just added to those memories. It was worth every mile.

Jessica Borrelli
DB Congress Rep, WA

*Thank you to YouTube user "shyloh durocher" for the video.

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