Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Dierks Bentley Gifts DB Congress With Two New Songs

More than a dozen DB Congress reps traveled to see Dierks Bentley in not one but two concerts in Las Vegas last weekend. Knowing the crew was there for both nights, Dierks decided to change things up ... and give a gift to the DBC, just in time for Christmas.

The first night, he unveiled a new song, "Burning Man." With an incredible, unique melodic chorus, the song was instantly a hit in the theater.

The lyrics "are not coming from [my head], they're coming from my heart, from inside me."

Here's the "Burning Man" video:

Burning Man

Half your life you struggle
Half your life you fly
Half your life making trouble
Half your life making it right
One day I’m the exception
Most days l’m just like most
Some days I’m headed in the right direction
And some days I ain’t even close

I’m a little bit steady
But still a little bit growing strong (rolling stone?)
I’m a little bit reckless
But Still a little bit flesh and bone
Little found and don’t know where I am
I’m a little bit holy water
But Still little bit burning man
Burning man

Always run the highway
I just don’t run it as bad
I still go wherever the wind blows me
But I always find my way back
I still don’t get it right sometimes
I just don’t get it as wrong
I still go a little bit crazy sometimes yeah
But now I don’t take near as long


Still Just a burn burn burning man Just a burning man

Maybe I’ll go to the desert
Find myself in the Joshua Tree
If we pass in the night then just hand me a light and
Tell me you burn just like me


Still Just a burn, burn, burning man
Just a burning man Still
Just a burn burn burning man Just a burning man


After learning the DBC reps who were there the first night were in line and ready to go for night two, Dierks changed the set list to add a little something special.

"I was thinking of everybody here, but definitely these hardcore, hardcore fans standing down here--if I had to pick one song to give to you guys as a Christmas present, Hanukkah, or whatever you’re celebrating, this would be my gift to you."

The gift? "Living." And goodness, what a gift it is.

Looking at the reps lining the stage, almost all had tears in their eyes after hearing this one. Dierks was absolutely right when he said this song is so him. It's all heart.

"[Me and the band, we] try to live every day, no matter what we’re doing, we try to go out there and do something that makes us feel like we’re living. That’s how this song came about."

Here's the "Living" video:


This morning I woke up at 6:01 
I walked out and saw the rising sun 
Then I drank it in, like whiskey 
I saw a tree I’d seen a thousand times 
A bird on a branch and I watched it fly 
Away in the wind, and it hit me 
It’s a beautiful world sometimes I don’t see so clear 

Some days you’re just breathing 
Just tryin to break even 
Sometimes your heart’s pounding out of your chest 
Sometimes it’s just beating 
Some days you just forget what all you've been given
Yeah some days you just get by 
Yeah some days you’re just alive 
But some days you’re living 
Some days you’re living 

I went back in and fired the coffee up 
She walked in the kitchen likes she always does 
In my t-shirt, and it killed me 
Then I kissed her like it was the first time 
She laughed and looked at me like I’d lost my mind 
I said baby I love you, can’t live without you 
I know I don’t say it enough 


Some days you’re just living 
Like you’ll never die 
Blues a little bluer up in the sky 
Your high’s a little higher 
Feel that fire you’ve been missing 

Some days you’re living 
It’s a beautiful world some days I don’t see so clear 
Some days you start singing 
And you don’t need a reason 
Yeah the world’s just right 
And your clear eyes ain't even blinkin'
Got a heart full of grateful 
For all you’ve been given 
Some days you just survive 
Yeah, some days you just get by 
Some days you’re living 
Some days you’re living

Jessica Borrelli and Ronna Clark
DB Congress Reps, WA and FL

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  1. I love both these new song you put you heart into it.stay safe Dierk.