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Dierks Bentley Highlights from 2017

Looking back on 2017, the year was packed with memories! With the What the Hell tour, chart-topping singles, award shows, and humanitarian efforts, it was, no doubt, a busy one for Dierks and the guys. Here is a timeline of highlights from this year:

Jan. 3--Dierks was one of only two artists to earn two RIAA awards for 2016: “Somewhere on a Beach” was designated platinum while his duo with Elle King, “Different for Girls,” earned gold status. In this same announcement, Dierks received RIAA gold album honors for "Feel That Fire," "Home," and "Riser."

Jan. 4--"Somewhere on a Beach" was announced as a nominee for the Country Song of the Year category at the iHeartRadio Music Awards.

Jan. 13--After teasing the video through social media channels the week prior, the "Black" music video was finally released. And it was so worth the wait. Featuring Dierks' wife, Cassidy, as the female lead, though filmed in frigid Iceland, the video was pure fire.

Jan. 21--Dierks fulfilled his dream of playing at the famed Bridgestone Arena. "What an honor it is to finally get here ... The chance to play Bridgestone Arena in my adopted hometown of Nashville, Tenn., to a sold-out crowd is something I've only dreamed of in my biggest dreams. Everything, I feel like, in my career has led to this moment here.

Jan. 24--Three members of the Dierks Bentley team walked away winners from the CMA Touring Awards: Dan Hochhalter (@fiddlinDan) as Touring Musician of the Year; Chris Reade (@chrisreade) as Lighting Director of the Year; and Tom Addison (@TMtomAddison) as Tour Manager of the Year. Can we give the entire team awards?

Feb. celebrated eight years! Since that launch, a couple thousand blogs have been written with hundreds of reps looking on, totaling more than 650,000 views! Thank you for making this fan club and website a success!

Feb. 12--Though they didn't walk away with the win, Dierks and Elle King secured a nomination for "Different for Girls" in the Country Duo/Group Performance category at the 59th Annual Grammy Awards. This was the 13th nomination for Dierks and the third for Elle.

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Feb. 23--Dierks' eighth studio album, "Black," earned RIAA gold. The certification made it the only ACM “Album of the Year” nominated project to reach this mark.

Also Feb. 23--DB Congress welcomed a new blogger to the team. Jessica is a rep for the state of Washington (@AllTheWayToMe). Her Dierks love was instant and it's been an unforgettable road ever since! You can see her blogs here throughout 2017.

March 5--"Days of Dark" was released on the major motion picture "The Shack" soundtrack. "The idea of the song is there are these days of dark that need to be overcome. It has kind of a dark title but in the end it's kind of an emotionally uplifting song."

March 7--Dierks' third Whiskey Row opened, this one in Glibert, Ariz. In addition to food and drinks, this location features indoor corn hole, ping pong, a dance floor and stage. The fourth restaurant, this one in Nashville, should be open soon.

March 16--Dierks, along with "an extraordinary collection of music stars," put on an all-star concert-- "The Life and Songs of Kris Kristofferson" at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville. This event "brought together fans, friends and music icons to honor the songs of Grammy Award and Golden Globe Award-winning singer-songwriter and actor Kris Kristofferson."

April 2--Dierks and Luke Bryan teamed up once again to host this year's ACM Awards. Dierks brought charm, wit, four wardrobe changes (okay, we lost count), and raw talent to the stage. At this event, Dierks had the opportunity to perform "Black" live. Dierks, Luke, and Eagles rock legend Joe Walsh kicked off the night in a pleasantly surprising way with a high-energy, musically-loaded tribute to the late Chuck Berry. Near the end of the night, “Flatliner” with Cole Swindell, had the entirety of Vegas rocking! Dierks was nominated for Male Vocalist of the Year, Album of the Year for "Black," and Vocal Event of the Year with Elle King. Though he didn't walk away with a physical award, we can all agree he won in our books.

April 17--Dierks' wife, Cassidy, ran the Boston Marathon, all in the name of charity. Running for the Safe Haven Family Shelter in Nashville (which was featured in Dierk's Riser video), Cassidy successfully raised $25,000 for the shelter.

May 1--An award-winning day for Dierks, his team announced that “Different For Girls” hit RIAA platinum, while “Black” turned to RIAA gold even before topping country radio charts.

May 7--The Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority Board of Commissioners announced Dierks had accepted the seat as the Industry/Commerce/Finance representative. “I love Nashville and I love aviation,” he said in a recent interview about this appointment. “There are many big changes happening in our city right now as it continues to grow so rapidly. I am very excited to get a chance to be involved in facilitating and managing that growth as it pertains to our airports and aviation services.”

May 15--Ben Hanback, featured in the "Drunk on a Plane" music video, released a book, "Never Leave the Locker Room of the Super Bowl". In this collection of articles on relationships and leadership, he mentions Dierks and DB Congress throughout.

May 20--Dedicated DB Congress member, Laura Parrish, passed away, spurring Dierks and his manager to post about her passing. It's clear the connection between Dierks and his fans is at the heart of all he does.

May 28--Making our world go black, one year after the release of what is considered to be Dierks Bentley’s “most fully-formed release of his career,” the title track, "Black," made it to the #1 position in MediaBase charts. This was his 16th career #1 single. It later became the #1 video on CMT.

June 5--Dierks had the opportunity to fulfil a bucket list dream--singing the national anthem in the Stanley Cup Finals. (Icing on the cake was his team, the Nashville Predators, were playing.) Despite being on vocal rest, with his iconic "whiskey-soaked grit in his voice," Dierks reverently sang our nation's anthem.

June 8--The Tennessean named Dierks as a top 5 moment from the CMA Music Festival. Playing everything from "Tip it on Back" to "What the Hell Did I Say," along with cracking jokes at Garth Brooks' expense, his performance simply "rocked."

June 19--Dierks and the band were hiding in plain sight at a handful of What the Hell Tour shows before people caught on to the act. Calling themselves the "Bolo Boys" with a new questionable band name in every city, their antics and outfits kept their secret.

June 22--Dierks once again participated in the ACM Lifting Lives Music Camp in Nashville, working with "Black" producer Ross Copperman to write a new song with camp attendees. Their final product, "I Love Big," was later performed by Chris Young at the Grand Ole Opry. "When you a visit a children’s hospital or something, you go in there thinking, 'I’m going to bring something to the table. I’m going to lift them up,' and then you walk in there and you’re like, 'Oh they’re going to lift me up.' They inspire you so much."

June 26--"What the Hell Did I Say" hit the radio airwaves as the fourth single off the "Black" album. “We named the tour after this song hoping that it would be a single this summer because it perfectly captures the anything-goes spirit out there this year."

June 29--Nashville's Hutton Hotel added a Dierks-branded songwriting room in their new music venue. "Dierks drew from his Arizona roots—the use of Saltillo tile, rustic elements and Navajo area rugs—to create his motif. In addition to recording equipment and a vocal booth, Dierks’ room is furnished with a leather couch and chairs."

July 10--The Bentley family welcomed two four-legged family members to their home, rescuing them from the local animal shelters. EmmyLou Who and Patch Adams joined George, who had gotten lonely without his buddy Jake.

July 18--Just months shy of his 12th anniversary of being a Grand Ole Opry member, Dierks performed at the Opry, noting how much of an honor it was to be there. "I hope you all have the best time in Nashville--this great city. [It'd] be nothing without these great country music fans." 

Also July 18--Dierks found himself the answer (or shall we say question?) to a Jeopardy clue in (one of two in 2017). This one asked, "Naturally, Dierks Bentley sang of "Bourbon in" this state." 

Aug. 14--In collaboration with Cole Swindell, "Flatliner" hits #1, the seventh consecutive #1 for Cole who opened for Dierks on the What the Hell Tour.

Aug. 21--Where else would Dierks be during the once-in-a-lifetime solar eclipse? Flying the path of totality at 41,000 ft.! Ever the jokester, he donned his homemade eclipse glasses in this photo (where he's clearly having too much fun!):

Aug. 25--To help preserve the parks for future generations, Dierks partnered with the National Park Foundation and National Park Service to help celebrate the 101st birthday of the national parks through their ‘Parks 101’ campaign.

Sept. 12--Dierks, along with 100 other celebrities across three cities, teamed up for the Hand in Hand Telethon to raise money for hurricane victims. Together, they raised a reported $44 million.

Sept. 14--In a New Orleans concert, U2 stunned the audience--and very clearly, Dierks Bentley--with a cover of "Drunk on a Plane" as an interlude in their hit "Beautiful Day." Dierks and U2 frontman, Bono, are long-time friends, but this was the ultimate compliment and surprise to our DBC president.

Sept. 20--Dierks and Luke Bryan took the stage together (this time with actor Kevin Costner's band!) for the grand opening of the Wonders of Wildlife National Museum and Aquarium in Springfield, Mo. Other a-listers at the event included former presidents George W. Bush and Jimmy Carter. With all of the airport traffic that day, one can only assume Dierks' plane was one of them.

Sept. 22--"Hold the Light" was released on the "Only the Brave" soundtrack. The song quickly went viral and is expected to be an Oscar contender. The movie is literally and emotionally close to home for Dierks, as it addresses the loss of the 19 Granite Mountain Hotshots who died while fighting a wildfire in his home state of Arizona. “This is at the top, if not the most meaningful experience I’ve ever been a part of,” said Dierks. “It hits me harder than any other song I’ve had a chance to be a part of.”

Sept. 26--The long teased and awaited Carpool Karaoke with Sheryl Crow was worth the wait! With Dierks in the driver's seat and Sheryl riding shotgun, the comfortable pair took a drive down music memory lane, singing personal hits such as "All I Wanna Do," "Picture," "What Was I Thinkin'," and "Drunk on a Plane." 

Oct. 9--Dierks visited the University Medical Center in Las Vegas to perform a private concert for survivors, first responders, doctors, nurses and staff; even the food was provided by the man himself. In the aftermath of the devastating shooting one week prior, Dierks felt helpless; this was a way to bring light to a dark situation and do what he could to help bring smiles to these heroes.

Oct. 17--Good Morning America had DB Congress members on their toes all summer, anxiously awaiting the announcement of who would host the summer block party, featuring none other than Dierks and the band. While a DBC member didn't win, a few were lucky enough to be in the crowd. We got a behind-the-scenes look from a DBC lobbyist from Texas. You can read her story here!

Oct. 19--Dierks headlined a tribute to bluegrass pioneer Ralph Stanley in a concert at the Grand Ole Opry.

Nov. 4--DBC members weighed in on their favorite memories from the What the Hell Tour. From personal opportunities to talk with Dierks, to memorable family moments at a Dierks show, the responses came in by the handfuls! Here are a few stories as you travel down memory lane.

Nov. 7--The ASCAP awards showed a lot of love to Dierks' songwriters! Ashley Gorley, songwriter of "Black," was named the ASCAP and NSAI Songwriter of the Year. "Somewhere on a Beach took home the prize as Song of the Year. "Different for Girls" also walked away with the honor of being on the "Ten Songs I Wish I'd Written" list.

Nov. 8--Dierks was nominated for the CMA Male Vocalist of the Year. Though he didn't walk away with the trophy in hand, DBC reps have made sure he knows he's our male vocalist of the year. That has to count for something!

Nov. 9--It's just like Dierks to share the love following the highly successful What the Hell tour. He did so reminding other artists to be sure to thank their teams, noting #NoBandNoMusic #NoCrewNoShow.

Nov. 12--Dierks along with nearly a dozen other country stars teamed up to raise money for hurricane and Las Vegas shooting victims. Together, at Bridgestone Arena, they put on the "Country Rising: Nashville Gives for Hurricane Relief" concert, which raised a reported $4 million.

Nov. 18--Just in time for Dierks' birthday (Nov. 20), a dozen DB Congress members took on Durant, Ok., all wearing shirts made by a DBC Louisiana rep! The group even made one for Dierks to match.

Dec. 10--Dierks finally got accolades for something DB Congress members have known all along--Dierks is an amazing guy with a huge heart. Country Radio Broadcasters announced Dierks was selected to receive the Artist Humanitarian Award at the 2018 Country Radio Seminar. This award recognizes the "humanitarian achievements of country artists." With everything from hosting the Miles and Music for Kids to matching funds at a fundraiser for the Safe Haven shelter, Dierks has taken his natural platform and made it a voice for good.

Dec. 16--As a Christmas gift to DBC members, Dierks surprised the 15 or so reps who lined the stage at the shows in Vegas by performing not just one, but two new songs that are anticipated to be on his new album that should be released the beginning of next year. "Burning Man" and "Living" were absolute winners as soon as we all heard them. If these songs are any indication of what to expect with this new album to be released in 2018, let the countdown begin!

When members from the DBC had the chance to meet up with Dierks at that last show in Vegas, he wanted to pass on a message. He wanted to make sure you all know how grateful he is for your support and encouragement. Coming off of the "best tour of my life," he "hopes the fans feel the connection."

Dierks, this is why are honored to do what we do! We cannot wait to see what 2018 has in store!

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