Monday, March 19, 2018

The Mountain, Songs We Know So Far

While we eagerly await the release of Dierks' upcoming album, The Mountain, he's been teasing us with clips of new songs through social media channels. And while we are so #grateful for the hints, it's making the waiting that much more difficult! Here are the songs we know so far:

Woman, Amen
This one doesn't need an introduction. "Woman, Amen" has been on the Billboard Hot Country Music Charts for seven weeks now and reached spot 16 on Mediabase, as well! (If you haven't yet, please call, tweet and message your local stations to request this song.) You'll be able to see Dierks perform this one live at the April 15 ACM awards!

The Mountain
For those who got their key to The Mountain, you can see Dierks' handwritten lyrics to the full song in the enhanced album experience. If this clip below is any indicator of what we can expect from this album, we could be on the verge of experiencing Dierks' best album yet (and that's saying a whole heck of a lot, isn't it, DB Congress?!).

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DBCers who were in Vegas last December got to hear this one in its entirety. I, personally, had tears running down for this one. Yes. It's that good. Living is as real as it gets. Click here for the video from that concert and the lyrics to this powerful song.

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Burning Man.
Heard twice in Vegas last December, this song certainly received Internet buzz when we posted this video and lyrics. Watch Dierks' and the guys' faces in this clip below. Oh, the energy this song carries (it's even more intense hearing it live!).

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Unknown Title
"You know we didn't get it right.
But it wasn't all wrong.
It wasn't just a phase.
It isn't all gone."

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Unknown Title
"It's gonna be one way this time ...
She could be like a song.
The kind with the time always comes back home.
But something tells me she's gone.
There's no words, there's no rhymes ..."
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Brother to the Sky (possibly Sun of the Sun)
"... brother to the sky.
Sometimes I've got to lose myself
So I don't lose my mind."
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There are seven songs/clips to keep you going for now!

Dierks "found a personal connection to the songs on The Mountain. 'It's the mountain that we’re all faced with every day, and the struggle to put one foot in front of the other even when things are hard, that we all have in common. Looking back now, I think we were all searching for hope and optimism when we were writing this music.'"

Sources have indicated this album could be available around June.

Am I the only one who has a countdown calendar going? We're ready, Dierks.

Jessica Borrelli
DB Congress Rep, WA


  1. I hope you update this list with the new songs we heard tonight on WMOT!

  2. I like the new song LIVING. Look forward to hearing it at the concert.