Thursday, June 16, 2011

Dierks Bentley's Many CMA Fest Appearances

Dierks Bentley's Last Call Ball was only the first of three major appearances at the 2011 CMA Music Festival.  Other performances were on the field - LP Field Friday Night for the big stage show and  the Greer Stadium baseball field for the Celebrity Softball Challenge that benefited The City of Hope.  DBTV Episode #22 gives you a glimpse of Dierks's busy week, and below that are some photos from fans.  Enjoy!

Photo Credit: Angela Mueller; Dierks arriving at Greer Stadium in his Camero

Photo Credit: Ronna Clark; Dierks signed for all the fans all the way across the first base line

Photo Credit: Stephanie Lanham; Dierks couldn't decide if he wanted to play hockey or softball

Photo Credit: Ronna Clark (from the photo line); LP Field

Photo Credit: Ronna Clark; LP Field

Photo Credit: Ronna Clark; background while Dierks was singing Up On The Ridge

LP Field background screen

Photo Credit: Ronna Clark; LP Field

LP Field

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