Wednesday, June 15, 2011

More than 500 Feel That Dierks Bentley Fire at Last Call Ball 7

The news spread like fire and burned throughout the DB Congress (fan club).  Hopes were held high but only 500 got tickets to Dierks Bentley's annual fan club party.  Last Call Ball 7, held at Rocketown in Nashville a week ago tonight (June 8, 2011), was a rockin' experience for Team Dude, Dierks and his 'congrass'.  

Unlike past LCB's where the music was random--acoustic, happy, sad, rocking, slow, and everything in between--DB chose a pre-determined set list full of up tempo, rocking' hot hits and some of the DBC's favorite non-singles. Dierks and the entire band played for a full hour--borrowing some tunes from the recent Jagermeister Country Tour set list.

One of the highlights during the hour was when Dierks sang one verse of Good Things Happen from the Modern Day Drifter album:

"The world is cold but I don't care
When you have flowers in your hair
I see color and I hear sound
And good things happen when [DB Congress] is around"

Many fan-clubbers and guests arrived at Rocketown early in the morning and throughout the afternoon--hours prior to the 10 pm opening of the doors.  They sweltered in the heat just to ensure a spot with elbows on stage (myself included).  Earlier in the afternoon, Dierks, Jake and Big White snuck into the venue around back, (or was it the front?) and a few fans left notes on his truck, that he later thanked them for.  He had tweeted earlier in the day that some girl dissed Big White:

a girl just stopped me and said my truck looks like the kind every country singer should drive. nice way of saying my truck looks like crap!

Another memorable moment was the medley where Dierks announced Dan Hochhalter (fiddle player) is going to sing a song for us and Dan shakes his head no (gets stage fright).  While Dierks and Dan are 'arguing,' bassist Cassady Feasby steps up to the mic and starts belting out Bon Jovi:

A few people hollered out "birthdays", and Dierks said, we have a "one-day-old", referring to Brian Layson (lead guitar) who became a daddy again the day before.  He still had the white hospital band around his wrist.

Attendees dined on mini mexican cuisine and baby BBQ sandwiches--but the Bud Light was NOT free this year. Other activities new to LCB7 included the buckets-o-peanuts on the tables--two of which were autographed by Dierks and awarded to two winners.  Some found the photo booth and played around with some funny poses.

And the LCB7 T-shirts this year were black--yeah!  Made my day they were not white!

It was great meeting up with friends whom I've met over the last 6 years at all the other Last Call Balls, and meeting new ones!  I even met some for the first time and thought I had already met them--that's how strong the online DBC connection is!  I love my DBC family!

But the most important part of the night was the one-on-one Meet and Greet with our DB Congress president - Dierks Bentley himself.  The commemorative lanyard/tickets were numbered and those in the 480-500 range did not meet DB until 3 a.m.  But many fan club parties don't even offer the one-on-one M&G, so Dierks fans are very fortunate he gives us that special time with him.  Of course, that's why we all are so loyal and dedicated to supporting him, right?

I even went to Blake Shelton's fan club party on Friday night, in hopes Dierks would show up like he did last year, but it wasn't to be.  And although Blake put on an awesome concert with some surprise guests, that's all it was--absolutley NO meet and greet.  What? 

I was most impressed with the generosity and willingness of fellow fan-clubbers (DBC-ers) to work so hard at making sure all tickets to LCB were used.  Many thanks to Becky, Janet and Jane who helped make a dream come true for Angela, Becky and her son Matthew.  They had extra tickets and went to great lengths to get these 3 to their first LCB experience!

Thank you, Dierks! Thanks for showing the others how to really appreciate your fans--by spending quality one-on-one time with them. Thanks for the awesome music and thanks for  having some of the most talented and funny musicians in the band: Tim Sergent, Steve Misamore, Dan Hochhalter, Brian Layson, and Cassady Feasby.  Next year--we want to MEET and take pics with each of them!  They're part of the DBC family, too!

~Ronna Clark
DB Congress Chair, Florida


  1. My first LCB..will not be my last...loved every minute...good to see Brit and all the band members..Next year we need pictures with the whole band for fan club members only...we love you all...Dierks even remembered me from the Reading, Pa many performers even remember any of their fans...he is the best. LCB, LP Field and The Celebrity Softball Game...I have never has so much fun...each event was incredible..thanks so much Dierks for all you do for us all year...I love you and the band and of course the music!

  2. I got some great pictures of Big White inside and out but don't want to invade Dierks privacy by showing what was inside..that is his business...but it was fun to see...
    Another highlight at LCB was meeting our Chairwoman, Ronna Clark and so many DB Congress members that I talk with on facebook. It really does feel like one great big family. The BEST country fan club out there!!

  3. LCB was fun as always! I love hearing the cuts you never hear during the live show...hoping for more of that next year!! I also hope he keeps doing m&g's in the future at the fan club parties as that's what seperates your fc party from just another concert. And bring Jake out a little earlier...I missed him!

  4. Wow. Sounds like an awsome time was had by all. Maybe I can try to get there next year. I think it is so cool that Dierks meets everyone. What a really awsome guy our pres. is. So great photos too, Ronna. Thanks for sharing and keeping us up on things. Dawn

  5. Great write-up, Ronna! Love the pictures - wish mine were that good. It was a very fun night. But I was disappointed about not getting to meet Jake - guess I should have stuck around longer.

  6. It was a great time!!!! My first LCB. I had one of the low numbers though and was a bit disappointed that we were forced to exit right after going through the picture line. I was hoping to hang around and see Jake also!! It would have been nice to have some more time to meet a few of the other members. The security demanded that as soon as one went through the picture line we had to go on out and exit. BUMMER!!!

  7. I hope at next year's LCB the fans are not made to leave until the last picture is taken. I had a low number and was out the door in a flash..not happy about that. I would have enjoyed staying and seeing Jake. I think Dierks should consider letting the fans, who the party is for, stay until the end if they so choose. I understand you may not want people getting crazy or out of hand but there is a way to deal with those them the door. But fans that just want to hang out with fellow DB Congress members should be allowed to stay. I hope Dierks will consider that for next year because I will be attending again...once was not Becky aka beckysrosecottage DB Congress Delaware Rep