Saturday, June 18, 2011

Voting For Dierks is Free and Easy!

Ready to do your DB Congress duty? Looks like many of you are voting daily for our president, Dierks Bentley!  Take a look at CMT Cody's High 5, where "Am I The Only One?" is currently in the #2 spot!  Thank you, congrass!

This week, the "One" video made it on all the video charts and is poised to pop up in the top 10 on the Billboard charts next week, so keep calling radio!

CMT Top 20 - #12
CMT Pure 12-Pack - #5
GACTV - #16

Visit the Current Campaigns page for all the voting links and email me if you know of any other voting links!

Let's show Dierks how much he and his music means to us! Let's get him to #1! Voting is FREE and EASY!

DB Congress Chair

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