Friday, July 6, 2012

Makayla Lynn Performs Cavendish Fest with Dierks!

Eleven year old, Makayla Lynn, posted an open letter to Dierks Bentley on  The singer/songwriter will be playing tonight at the Cavendish Fest on Prince Edward Island, Canada.  She feels it would be inspiring to meet Dierks and get advice on her music career! Let's hope he reads this!  Good luck, Makayla!

Performing with you in Cavendish (and I am only 11 years old)

Dear Dierks Bentley,

My name is Makayla Lynn and I am an 11 year old singer / songwriter / guitarist from Nova Scotia, Canada. I have been asked to play this summer in Cavendish Beach, PEI with you! This will be my second time performing there and I am SO EXCITED!!! I am the youngest performer ever to play there. Last year I was hired for one set but ended up playing 3. I am back again this year playing all 3 days as well.

Next week I will be releasing my second cd. “The Music In Me”. It is an acoustic collection of my favourite songs I wrote over the past year. I play all my own guitar and piano on the cd this time as well. I recorded it to have to take to Nashville when I go in October!

I know I will probably bump into you in Cavendish but it would mean the world to me to actually get to meet you and talk to you in person. I work so hard everyday and last year I was fortunate enough to have gotten the chance to talk to all of the headliners. I felt so comfortable with them and I truly felt like that was where I was meant to be!

I am not sure you will ever get to read this letter but I just thought it was worth a try since we will be only feet from each other and I don't want to take for granted I will get to say hello. I would rather be able to meet you at a meet and greet if you have one. It would be so inspiring to meet you and listen to any advice you may have for me. (Plus I have a lucky guitar that has been signed by everyone I have played with so far and I hope you will too!)

Makayla Lynn

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  1. Her voice reminds me of Taylor Swift. I hope she gets to meet Dierks because she seems like a hugh van. Granny Ann