Monday, May 27, 2013

Dierks Bentley Previews First Single from 'Riser': Bourbon In Kentucky

Thanks to, we're able to watch a preview clip of Dierks Bentley's first single, Bourbon In Kentucky, from his new album, "Riser," with Kacey Musgraves on harmonies!

There ain't enough Bourbon in Kentucky for me to forget you
Naw there ain't enough matches I could strike 
To set afire the memory of you

"I don't want anyone going in to have any preconceived notions about what this album's gonna sound like, what the rest of the album's gonna sound like, I want the first song out there that just gonna kinda shatter any expectations..."

"What's great about that song is its totally different. I never heard anything else like it before. I love the motion of it you know, I've been there before where you can't drink your way over a heartache or over a broken heart."

Stack up every barrel since the day it was made
Satisfaction guaranteed to kill the pain
but there ain't enough kisses

"It was really cool, cos I sent Kacey a text and she wrote back and she just said I would love to but I gotta be honest, I'm just like so crazy busy right now my single coming out, traveling, touring...I probably can't do it but I love the idea of it just send it to me but I probably can't. I sent her the song, she wrote back right away.. I'm in, I love it, I wanna do it."

In my arms, in my bed, yeah the hell with the rest 
Once you've had the best nothing else will do
What's the use?

"I just love the angst of it, I love the aggressive lonesomeness of it...when everyone kinda jumped on to be the first single, I was excited."

We're excited, too!  Get ready to start requesting, congress!

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