Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Fans Share Favorite Dierks Bentley Moments from 2015

As 2015 comes to a close, we asked Dierks Bentley fans to share with us their favorite moment or Dierks experience over the last twelve months.  We know it was hard to name just one, since every mile for Dierks is a memory!

Deborah Jane PowerDierks Bentley worked hard to touch my finger at Miles and Music 2015! Pretty awesome that he took the time for a different way to "connect!"

Robert DieneltRiser at the ACMs in April.

Cecia Guidry Benoit: My #1 Dierks Bentley experience this year was from September 18, 2015 in New Orleans at Champion Square when Dierks pulled me on stage with him during "Drunk On A Plane!" We danced, sang, fist pumped (rockin like a G6!) and I even got to take a bow with him and the band since it was the last song of the show! This was truly my best Dierks experience ever!

Becky McBride WierzbickiMy 62nd Birthday at LCB and MM10 on November 1, 2015 It is a birthday I will never much fun. Hanging out with Brian Layson and Cassady Feasby after LCB. Spent my time in Nashville with great DB Congress friends Ann Gray Tate and Jane Sumner. Saturday night card signing was incredible.

Ann Gray TateMy favorite concert of 2015 was in Birmingham, Alabama. I got to enjoy it with all of my family that I love. We have 3 generations of Dierks' fans. Julie, Lamar, LeAnna, Grayson, Renea, Chris, Kaitlyn and Blakley and of course me. What a fun night we had with Dierks and the band.

Marilyn Kline Stevens:  Mine was Tampa, FL, Sounds Of Summer Tour.  Dierks came down on the floor and as he ran up on stage he gave me a high five....he probably doesn't remember, BUT, I always will....♡ dierks!

Brittney LynnWhen he came to Montana this summer and I was star struck I couldn't tell him how awesome he is!

Heather Ashley:  Attending my first LCB (Last Call Ball fan club party) and meeting Dierks for the first time.

Grace Lenehan:  When he posted my cover video. Still can't believe it!

As for me, 2015 brought so many great Dierks memories, like presenting him with the 10th anniversary gift and the Raleigh Pyro Patrol to kick off the Sounds of Summer Tour, but one little moment in time made a big impact on me.  In Tampa, at an outdoor amphitheater on July 2--it was at least 90 degrees.  Dierks saw me dying of heat in the pit.  When 20k hear Dierks Bentley ask you, by name, if you need a bottle of water...and then hands one to you...and then the set list.

Every Mile A Memory!
~Ronna Clark, DB Congress Chair (FL)


  1. Miles for Music record setting fundraiser 2015!

  2. It was an awesome year for Dierks, Band and the dbcongress. I love this fan club and all the great friends I have met across the country. When we all get together it is like a family reunion and Dierks even said that at the fan club party 10th anniversary.

  3. That's my Friend Cecia at Champion Square, in New Orleans!!! As she was on stage with Dierks she thought to take a pic of the Cajun Congress (Front Row Pit) as we cheered her and Dierks on!! That's a Fan ~ That's a Friend!!