Thursday, April 20, 2017

"Five" Ways Cassidy Bentley Won In Boston

Cruisin’ the road on Monday, here are the top Five ways Cassidy Bentley, wife of country artist Dierks Bentley, won the 2017 Boston Marathon:

5. She learned how to use hashtags, all to promote her journey.
In just six weeks, Cass went from a brand-new Instagram page to almost 7,000 followers. Her second post (about hiking with Dierks) included the hashtag #firsttimehashtagging. From there … #nailedit.

4. She connected with thousands along the way.
Before writing this blog, we had to see what Cass said in her memoirs of the day. She didn’t disappoint. “Hugs to the little kids lined on the side of the street with their hands out to high five the runners. Hugs to the volunteers and everyone there keeping people safe. Hugs to the girls who cheered for me at mile 6 and the person who I couldn't see who screamed my name and "Safe Haven" at mile 10. I hope you heard me scream back. To everyone who shared encouraging words and those who donated to Safe Haven...gigantic bear hug.” She did this virtually, too, replying to comments on her social media pages and sending thank yous to donors.

3. She demonstrated her life is full of heart. And she’s incredibly real.
Cass shared thoughts through her website and social media pages that are quite vulnerable. She posted images and commentary discussing the feeling of “failing to impersonate someone who is comfortable and relaxed in front of cameras,” moments of “general grouchiness in the house,” and even a bloody toe. These were posted side-by-side with the reality of why she is doing this run. “I left today inspired by [Safe Haven] but with an aching heart … I wish you could have been with me today to see these kids, bright spirits, full of potential so you could feel how worthwhile their mission is.” By now, I think we’re all wishing she was the girl next door.

2. She finished.
And, man, did she. One thing could be heard from everyone who was in Boston on Monday—the heat took its toll. Overheating, exhaustion and dehydration were prevalent throughout the race, resulting in many not crossing the finish line. “The last six miles of yesterday's race were mind bending. I lost my center and everything hurt and it felt like it would never, ever end.” Yet, she endured, finishing the 26.2-mile course in a remarkable 3 hours, 26 minutes, 12 seconds!

1. She raised $24,290 for Safe Haven Family Shelter. As she said, “This year, I wanted to find a way to use my run to connect with people and help others. I wanted to give it meaning beyond crossing the finish line or achieving a certain time.” Mission accomplished.

She has one adorable pit crew!

Congratulations to DB Congress Member Nancy Eaton who also ran her second Boston Marathon, shaving almost 30 minutes off her time from last year. She ran on the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center team in honor of her friend and coworker who passed away while training for Boston last year. Great job, Nancy!

Jessica Borrelli
DB Congress Rep, WA

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