Thursday, April 13, 2017

Cassidy Bentley Runs Boston Marathon for Charity Featured in "Riser" Video

This Monday, every mile will most certainly be a memory for Cassidy Bentley as she tackles the prestigious Boston Marathon!

Wife to our president, Dierks Bentley, and mom to their three adorable kids, Cass qualified for Boston for a second year—a winning feat unto itself. To even enter this event, she needed to run 26.2 miles in less than 3 hours and 45 minutes. (It’s clear to see why Dierks wrote Feel That Fire!)

"I've taken a lot of pictures with [Dierks] over the years in full, professional hair and makeup... But when I see pictures of me after races, sweaty and spent and proud and smiling, I feel a wave of recognition of my true self." 

As Taste of Country said, she’s absolutely gorgeous, “but her heart might be the most beautiful thing about her.” She’s not running Boston for the medal (well, not for only the medal); she’s doing it to raise awareness and support for the Safe Haven Family Shelter in Nashville.

Cassidy (right) and Dierks (center) with the Safe Haven staff. Photo from Nashville Post.

"This year, I wanted to find a way to use my run to connect with people and help others," she said on her fundraising website. "I wanted to give it meaning beyond crossing the finish line or achieving a certain time (although I do want to do that, too!)."

Cass describes Safe Haven as an organization that “keeps families who are homeless together, provides them with shelter and eventually permanent housing along with the therapy, support and training needed to gain self-sufficiency and rebuild their lives.”

Well, that’s a cause all of us can stand behind, even if we can’t run for it.

So she’s taken to the streets (and the treadmill!) to run in their honor.

And the donations have been pouring in ever since. In fact, she's raised $18,485 in the last six weeks. A couple familiar donations listed on her page include gifts from Nicole Kidman, Bobble Bones, Sheryl Crow (who performed with Dierks at Legends last week) and, ahem, a rather large gift from Doug Douglason (Dierks' Hot Country Knights alias, anyone?)! You, too, can still donate to Safe Haven for another four days!

The Bentley’s support of Safe Haven is years in the making. Dierks' notable “Riser” music video even featured a family whose life was changed through the support of this shelter.

“I’ve seen up close the incredibly important, desperately needed, inspiring work they do,” Cass said. “I’m thrilled to be running in their honor and in honor of present and future families who need Safe Haven.”

What started 11 years ago as jogging a couple miles to pass the time while her husband was on the road has turned into a notable running career that has the power to positively influence countless families.

Dierks and the kids are known for their unwavering support of Cass while she runs (though their daughter Jordan fully believes her mom should focus on winning). With signs, photos, and cheers to carry her along (and the thousands of comments she’s received through her Instagram and Facebook pages), she knows she’s not alone in this run.

The Bentley girls at mile 15 at Cassidy's first Boston Marathon in 2014
“I’m so proud of Cassidy and it’s so fun watching her get ready for this race,” Dierks said in a recent article. “It takes months and months of preparation and determination to pull this off.”

The only question we have now is: Does she listen to Dierks on her running playlist?

Enjoy the journey this Monday, Cass! The DB Congress is running with you!

You can join Cassidy in supporting Safe Haven by clicking here.

Also running Boston again this year is DB Congress member Nancy Eaton! She also has an incredible story full of overcoming tragedy. Read more about her story here.

This Monday, you can follow Cass and Nancy as they tackle Boston!
Cassidy's bib number: 12159
Nancy's bib number: 29825

Jessica Borrelli
DB Congress Rep, WA

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