Saturday, January 22, 2011

Dierks & Cody Celebrate 500th CMT Radio Live!

Dierks Bentley was a guest on the very first show and recently helped Cody Alan celebrate the 500th episode of CMT Radio Live! That calls for cake!

Broadcast on radio stations across America, CMT Radio Live with Cody Alan originates from Nashville and is CMT’s premiere country music and entertainment radio show. Cody’s wit, energy and charm shine with big star guests and live interaction with listeners.  That's why he was named the ACM 2010 National On Air Personality of the Year! Dierks says, “Cody’s show always feels fresh and current. Cody cares about country music’s past and future, and has always worked to make his shows exciting, interesting and personal.”

During the 7-minute interview, Dierks asks Cody to dish on the highlights of the 500 shows.  Cody admits Dolly Parton was memorable and Dierks shared his favorite Dolly story.  Listen to find out why DB was horrified!

On the subject of hockey, Cody wanted to know what penalties Dierks is known for and if he's ever been hurt.  Dierks jokes he's had more injuries running around on stage (I have witnessed some of those falls in person!). The topic turns to babies and Dierks tells the story of Jordan's Christmas birth and offers to trade birthdays.  What a good daddy!

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  1. Great find, as always, Ronna! The Dolly Parton/Jake "encounter", OMG! She is really a good sport!