Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dierks Heads To Asheville, NC To Record New Studio Album

Posted on dierks.com...
Hey Dierks Bentley fans, a new album is in the horizon! Dierks is planning on making his way to Asheville, North Carolina next week to begin recording his 6th studio album. Dierks has spent the last four months writing hundreds of songs, and has once again teamed up with award winning producer Jon Randall Stewart and recording engineer Gary Paczosa. You can expect a brand new single from Dierks in the Spring with the album following closely behind.

While you're waiting for the new album, just visit the newly designed Dierks.com on Sunday, January 30th to watch the live 24 hour video feed from inside the studio. See what a typical day is like in the recording studio with Dierks!

I’ve been writing and re-writing and tweaking songs for the past four months to get ready for the studio,” says Dierks. “I usually come home from the road and go right into the studio, so I’ve never put this much time into prepping and doing pre-production on songs. I learned from my experience recording Ridge that getting out of Nashville and away from the business side of things can be really inspiring. I’ve got the best musicians in the world, and we’re going to go hunker down for a few weeks and live and breathe this record. I thought it would be cool to let the fans be part of the whole experience, so we’re going to let them watch as it all goes down.”

I know DB Congress reps in North Carolina are doing the Dierks bounce right about now!  And how cool is it that we're getting a live video feed from inside the studio!?


  1. Road trips might be planned. I cannot confirm nor deny this rumor. ;) (I might be behind said planning, but I will not confirm or deny that, either.)

    YAY, ASHEVILLE! YAY, LIVE STREAM! This is such a cool idea...making the whole recording process accessible to anybody who wants to see it. I LOVE this idea. Dierks is the best!

  2. Also, I'm SO HAPPY he's working with Jon Randall Stewart again. Hope it's as good as UOTR!

  3. YAY Dierks was in my home-state again!! and just a short drive from where I live. I know exaclty where he was! lovely lovely place. so glad he allowed us to be part of the making of the new album!! LOVE YA DIERKS!!!