Friday, February 17, 2012

"Home" Edges Closer to Top

In its 20th week on the charts, the critically-acclaimed single "Home" rose to #6 on Billboard, and #5 on Mediabase. Dierks narrowly missed the top 5 on Billboard. He was putting up very large gains throughout the week, and Luke Bryan's "I Don't Want This Night to End" was falling fairly rapidly. I knew it was going to be a close call for #5, and in the end, Luke prevailed, edging Dierks by a mere 261,000 in audience! SO close. But, Dierks will, in fact, move into the Top 5 on Billboard officially this week. (He probably did on Tuesday, hehe). 

This week is proving a little bit harder to predict. Though it WILL get #5 on Billboard, it's hard to say if it will get any higher than that. "Home" has continued to gain all week, but it's rare for a song to gain 600k on top of a 600k gain on that day in the week prior, so while it's still moving up, it's not flying like last week. The songs falling in front of it, "You" and "All Your Life," aren't falling fast enough to fall past "Home." So this week might see "Home" at #5 on both charts, and then next week #3 - maybe #2 depending on what Kenny Chesney's "Reality" does.

Make sure you're still requesting the song and telling your stations "thanks!" for playing it when they do. One key aspect of getting this song to #1 (though I'm confident it will get there with no problem) is for radio to know that we're NOT tired of hearing the song. 

Keep it up, Congress! I know you're all looking forward to celebrating another #1 just as much as I am. :)

Carrie Srebro ~ DBC Rep/Chart Reporter ~ NC

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