Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ready to Bring it 'Home' ...

In its 22nd week on the charts, Dierks Bentley's "Home" continued its steady climb to "the penthouse" this week, moving to #3 on both Billboard and Mediabase. It reclaimed #1 on Billboard's smaller-market Indicator chart (labelmate and current #1 holder Keith Urban swiped it from him last week). 

Here's the skinny on how this is shaping up. Kenny Chesney's "Reality" limped into the #1 spot on Mediabase this morning, thanks to a plummeting Keith. However, he only gained 10,000 in audience - Dierks gained 430,000! Mediabase, you'll remember, has their arbitrary points system though, and Dierks is 835 points back as of this morning from #1. (He gained 155 points on #1 overnight.) If Dierks keeps up the audience gains, then the #1 on Billboard this week almost seems like a lock, and Mediabase is a possibility, too. Kenny will need to step up his game AND make sure he's #1 on Sunday morning for the Mediabase #1. It likely won't help Kenny that a Capitol Nashville song is falling, and a Capitol Nashville song is next in line - radio can easily trade some of Keith's spins for Dierks and leave Kenny out. ;)

All that said, even IF - and conventional wisdom thinks it's a big IF - Kenny manages to hang on ("Reality" is OLD by Kenny standards, even though 22 weeks is spot-on for a Dierks song) and snag #1 this coming week, Dierks is guaranteed #1 for AT LEAST the following week's chart run. He has a SEVEN MILLION audience impression lead on the next group of songs coming up (Jake Owen, Taylor Swift, George Strait). That's a very large lead and, at this point, even if "Home" were *falling* in spins/audience, it would still get #1 once Kenny falls. I'm watching it very closely. It should be a fun week to watch. 

I tweet almost every morning the daily updates, so feel free to follow me if you don't already - @corbers - for up to the minute updates. However, rest assured that once I see Dierks next to that #1 on the daily updates, I'll update the DBC facebook/Twitter feeds as well so we can all congratulate our Prez!  

Carrie Srebro ~ (DBC Rep/Chart Reporter ~ NC)


  1. The thrill of the chase! I'm all for a "lock" on #1! So BB is the official chart to get a #1 party or does Mediabase count also? ~Ronna

  2. Um... Most labels will celebrate a Mediabase #1 with an ad, and a lot of fans will count it (ie Jason Aldean is sort of developing a knack for getting Mediabase #1s but getting blocked on Billboard - like what happened with IWMYCYE), but when they talk about the amount of numbers 1s an artist has, they refer to the Billboard number. Billboard has been favoring Dierks lately, and the Mediabase panel is expanding at some point this week (adding 3 stations) so that could swing it either way, really.

    Bottom line is, you always want the #1 on Billboard. And it's seemed to me that's how Capitol has been pushing. But regardless, he's a lock for at least one week on each chart, but whether they're simultaneous? I don't know. :)

  3. Wow, too much for me to get! I'm just hoping for #1 soon!