Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Making the Penthouse "Home"

I've been waiting and waiting for this day to come, to be able to write this blog, and now the moment presents itself and I can't quite put into words what I'd like to say. So many thoughts running through my head ... 

Congratulations, Dierks! In its 24th week, the anthemic, ACM "Song of the Year" nominated "Home" moved into the penthouse on the charts, becoming the 9th Number 1 song for our Prez. The final stats (remember, the two charts have different reporting panels):

Billboard: 35.701 Million Audience, 5722 Plays
Mediabase: 41.266 Million Audience, 6236 Plays

"Home" also completed its radio run as the #1 song on the Radio Feedback Chart, and #3 on Callout America, a sign that the song resonated with the public, as well. 

And how. Here's what American Songwriter had to say about the song in their recent album review: 
Most telling, though, is “Home,” an important entry in post-post-9/11 country songwriting. Patriotism is a subject closely associated with country music and it’s often been tackled ham-handedly, with all the depth and complexity of a bumper sticker slogan. This song of Bentley’s is a notable exception. Employing symbolism that’s meaningful yet malleable, simple yet eloquent, set to a spacious, billowing melody, he embraces the possibility that many different kinds of people can claim heartfelt ownership of our history-scarred nation. And as it happens, at the time of this writing, the song is climbing Billboard’s Country Songs chart. That’s the kind of broad resonance Bentley is capable of.

In a recent interview with CMT, co-writer Dan Wilson said he definitely hopes he's able to write another song with Dierks. He also mentioned that he didn't have a specific reason to visit Nashville right now.

Well, Dan, it looks like you'll have a party to attend in the very near future. 

Congratulations again, Dierks! And thank you to all of the Congress who called, emailed, tweeted, and facebook'd your stations (and even stations that weren't yours!) to get the song to #1! Can't wait to hear what's next ... can Dierks go three in a row from Home to grab his 10th number one? I say yes. Let's do it! 

~ Carrie Srebro (DBC Rep/Chart Reporter ~ NC)


  1. Yeah!!! Nice blog, Carrie!

  2. I love the CD Home. One of Dierks best yet. Finally got out to Target to get that special release there. They where down to 3 copies waiting on their truck with more. I was lucky to get one that day! Thanks for keeping up posted on chart progress. Dawn