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Meet Mariana Bowring, Dierks Bentley's 'Stand-In' Guitarist In Georgia

If you've been to a recent Dierks Bentley show, you know he usually gives one fan--who looks like they're rockin' and having a good time--an "on-stage experience of a lifetime" by pulling them out of the crowd to the stage, strapping his #7 red Fender Telecaster guitar on them and letting them jam with the band to the rest of "Lot of Leavin' Left To Do."

DB Congress member, Mariana Bowring from Georgia, was the lucky fan during the September 19, 2013 Lakewood Amphitheater show in Atlanta, Georgia.

Although Mariana's first live DB show was only a few years ago, she's been a fan "ever since I've loved country music," she admits to DB Congress.  She is a dedicated DBC-er, posting, tweeting, promoting and requesting Dierks daily!

Here's her Dierks back-story:

"The first time I saw Dierks Bentley perform was CMA Fest 2011, but I'd known about him for as long as I've loved country music. During his set he sang "Up On The Ridge" and "Draw Me A Map" (neither of those songs had I heard before) and I instantly fell in love and had to hear more of that music! So I bought the "Up On The Ridge" album, and because I loved that so much, I bought a banjo (I just had to make that same kind of music). 

Then the "Home" album came out and that became the second Dierks album I bought and I loved every song! So I decided I needed to see Dierks on tour and in concert! I joined the fan club and stalked the dates for something near me. But because I kept moving, we kept missing each other. 

The second time I saw him was CMA Fest 2012 and by then I was dying to see him at a real concert! He was finally coming to where I lived, but we ended moving again a month before that show. I was heart-broken. After moving, for some reason, they added an extra date and it was gonna be only two hours from me! That was the Macon, GA show where I got a Meet & Greet and got pulled on stage the first time! 

I do play banjo (although I am a beginner, not at all that good at it!) And because Dierks is the reason I got a banjo, I got it signed by him at LCB (Last Call Ball annual fan club party) in June! I play guitar, sing and write songs, too. (I'm attempting a country singer-songwriter career). 

The Atlanta show on September 19th was my 10th Dierks Bentley show and one that I had been looking forward to since the date was announced back in December.  I was in the pit, right up at the catwalk and only two people between me and the front of the stage.  The Cadillac Three and Randy Rogers Band were awesome openers and I especially wished RRB had done more songs!  

Then, Dierks Bentley!  It was my favorite show yet (they get better and better every time)!  My favorite songs he did were "I Hold On," "5-1-5-0," "How Am I Doin','" "Feel That Fire," "Home," and of course, "Lot of Leavin' Left To Do." 

I was wearing a 'The Departed' ball cap which Dierks was wearing also, so during the instrumental of LOLLTD, he turned his usually facing backwards cap around and came over to me and pulled me on stage! I was in total shock, since he had already pulled me on stage in Macon!  It was so fun to jam on the guitar and with the band! (Back in March, Dierks left the stage to let me finish the song, so I thought he'd done the same thing this time.  Turns out he was sitting behind me on stage jamming out!) 

Dierks and Mariana

Mariana and Dan Hochhalter

Dierks pulls Mariana up on stage at the 2:40 mark of this video:

Later, at the end of singing, "Feel That Fire," Dierks called me out singing "This girl wants to play my guitar at the Atlanta, Georgia show," and blew me a kiss! 

After "Home" and the final bow, Dierks came over with a guitar, asked if I had one yet (which I didn't), signed it, and gave it to me! I broke down crying--it was the BEST night of my life! 

It was such a great concert, I'd go to it over and over!  Can't wait for show #11 in October!

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