Wednesday, October 1, 2014

"Say You Do" Single Review: Poised To Be Dierks Bentley's Next No. 1

Dierks Bentley’s versatility cannot be denied. He consistently and successfully releases songs that span a spectrum of emotions, from the humorous (“Drunk On A Plane,” “5150”), to the patriotic (“Home”) to straight up bluegrass (Up On The Ridge). But the one type of song he always does extremely well is the romantic-whether it is sexy, hopeful or yearning.

“Say You Do,” Dierks' third single (fourth if you count Bourbon In Kentucky) from this year’s CMA nominated Riser, combines all three. The song, written by Matt Ramsey, Shane McAnally and Trevor Rosen, is sensual, yet melancholy. “Say You Do” encompasses a yearning for someone so intensely that you are able to forego, as the opening line states, “the damage done” for another night together.

It’s having a desire so strong that one is willing to be with someone who broke their heart regardless of how it happens; whether it be through alcohol, leading him on or as he sings, begs even, to “let those words roll off your tongue even if you’re lying.” 

The yearning one hears in Dierks’ voice is deep and real to the point of being painful. It’s 3:40 of pure emotional aching and desperation pleading for someone he still loves to voice the same “even if you don’t…..couldn't you say you do.”

“Well couldn't you
 Say you do
 Say you might
 For tonight
 Have a heart
 Bend the truth
 Even if you don't
 Couldn't you”

“Say You Do” seems poised to give Dierks his third consecutive number one.

DB Congress Rep
New York


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