Wednesday, May 2, 2012

5-1-5-0 Makes the Charts Go Loco!

In its 6th week on the charts, "5-1-5-0" - the white-hot new single from Dierks Bentley - has moved up another 5 spots on Billboard to snag the #25 spot. It had a great week at Billboard: #2 most-added; #3 most-increased spins; #4 most-increased audience. Over on Mediabase, the song flew up 8 spots to land at #26, and it was also #5 most-added and #2 most-increased spins.

If it feels like this song is blazing up the charts, that's because ... well, it is. "5-1-5-0" is behaving similarly to "Sideways" which stands as Dierks' fastest-rising single to date. Unfortunately we can't compare apples to apples, because "5-1-5-0" charted early on Billboard from unsolicited airplay. But radio has definitely taken a shine to "5-1-5-0" and it's performing slightly better than the new singles from Toby Keith and The Band Perry.

This coming week's update won't be as spectacular as they've been since it hit the charts, but that's only because there's about a 4-million audience gap between where it is now and the songs in front of it. I expect that it will move to roughly #22 on Billboard, and then crack the top 20 in two weeks. 8 weeks to get into the teens? Not bad, Dierks. Not bad at all.

This is a fun song to chart-watch. :) Keep doing what you're doing, Congress! Call, text, tweet, and email your stations and tell them it's time to get a little bit loco!

~ Carrie Srebro (DBC Rep/Chart Reporter ~ NC)

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