Friday, September 10, 2010

"Draw Me a Map" Continues Modest Chart Growth

In its third week on the charts, "Draw Me a Map" moved one spot closer to the Top 40, up to #43 on BIllboard's Hot Country Songs. In its second week on the Mediabase chart, it moved three spots to #45. It also saw growth on the small-market charts: up to #31 on Billboard's Indicator (where it is top-10 for most-added, increased audience, and increased plays) and up to #33 on Mediabase's Activator chart (where it's also amongst the 10 most-added).

Although the song is seeing rather modest growth, the reviews have been nothing but complimentary. Over on Urban Country Blog, writer "UC" says "Hopefully
'Draw Me a Map' will enjoy the commercial success it deserves" while also saying that they hope Dierks stays within the Bluegrass genre. gave "Draw me a Map" 5 stars, and reviewer Bobby Peacock says that for a while, he thought that Bentley's lead-off single "What Was I Thinkin?" set the bar too high, "but "Map" has managed to raise it. Radio may not take a liking to it, but fans should quite easily." And writer "Occasional Hope" on the "My Kind of Country" blog simply says that DMAM is "certainly one of my favorite singles of the year."

Now that the onslaught of new music from Country's heavy hitters has subsided somewhat, quite a few songs will start moving to recurrent status, which will help "Map" continue to "draw" its way up the charts. Not only will those songs fall off the chart, automatically equaling growth, it should allow for radio to start playing a different mix of music as well, and I foresee "Map" getting a healthy push as program directors look for something new to play.

The best way for them to think of "Draw Me a Map" is for us to keep requesting it, keep voting on local countdowns (WYCD Detroit's Top 7 at 7 and WMZQ's (Rockville, MD) Hot 9 at 9 for instance), and demanding that it be played, no matter how it gets played. Keep up the great work!

~ Carrie S. (DBC Rep/Chart Reporter ~ NC)


  1. Great chart reporting, Carrie! Also they filmed the video for "map" on Thursday so hopefully it will be out in a few weeks and help move it up the charts! Go, congress! CREATE DEMAND!

  2. It's very frustrating that our local station STILL isn't playing "Map". I'd boycott & go to another station - if there were one!