Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Country Boy Bentley In The "House"

Two Tweets from Dierks Bentley on Sunday got a lot of attention:
"My mom just called boarders bookstore and asked them to hold three copies of the latest penthouse magazine with my interview in it."
"I'm pretty sure has no idea what penthouse is....wish I could be at that store with a video camera when she goes to pick them up!!!"
So I rushed right down to my local "Borders" and picked up two copies--NOT! But I had to have that article! So, a few days go by and I finally twist hubby's arm (yeah, right) to go buy them for me--couldn't bring myself to ask for it!

I skipped straight to page 56 and oogled over the 4 page-spread--of Dierks' feature interview by Alanna Nash. Yes, mom's, that magazine really does have some fine writing going on! How could Alanna go wrong with such a sweet subject?

It's rare when I read an article about our prez. that I learn something new, but I did! For example, I think us hard-core fans know the story about Dierks and his wife Cassidy meeting in 8th grade and dating off and on for years. We know the second she walked on the bus Feb. 5, 2005 he knew she was the one. But during the on-off-on again years, I didn't know this: "She called me up one day and said, "I'm going through my phone and cleaning out numbers and tightening up my life a little bit, and I'm going to erase your number." And I was like, "Whoa, whoa, whoa, hang on a second. I want to keep up our friendship."

More original quotes are laced throughout the article that you won't find anywhere else. Dierks really bares his soul, so go buy the magazine! Totally worth it!

DB Congress Chair


  1. Can you get your husband to buy me one of those magazines? haha. Wonder if anyone will take the magazine for him to autograph at a M&G? I would die! LLOL!!!!

  2. Yeah I asked Michael to buy me one and he said he wasn't comfortable with it.

    Post the article! haha.

  3. Not gonna do it! Wouldn't be prudent! *In my best George W. accent. haha

  4. Lissa, Dierks1FaninSCThu Sep 30, 09:23:00 AM

    I bought it myself. If it has Dierks in it, I want it! I actually got mine at a convenience store. Me n hubby went in for the magazine and some scratch offs, and I put the magazine on the counter and told the cashier "Im not dirty, I just need this article!" Hubby told her "dont let her lie to you, she looks at those all the time!" lol. Hes crazy. Anyway, I loved the article. "For me, its the most important part of my relationship with my wife. It just gets better the more familiar you are with the person." "When youre with somebody you love so deeply and intensely, theres a real spirituality to it." Couldnt have said it better! =)

  5. I'm going to get it, but what month is it? October or November? I would ask who's on the front, but,...... let's just with what month it is! lol At one Borders here, they said you had to ask for it at the counter! Interesting mag choice for Dierks to be in, huh?

  6. Lissa Dierks1FaninSCSun Oct 03, 10:08:00 PM

    It's the October issue. The girl on front is wearing black. It has his name on the cover too.