Sunday, January 23, 2011

Family Life With Baby Bentley

Still no photos of new baby girl Jordan Catherine Bentley, but daddy Dierks shared with Kix Brooks on ACC Top 40 how he and his family are adjusting to life since the arrival of their second daughter on Christmas day:

"Going from zero to one is a lot more difficult that going from one to two," says Dierks. "She just kind of fits right in there, and you just dust off a few of the old baskets and swings and stuff and set 'em back up again and just do it."

Jordan has a big sister named Evie, but she hasn't met her brothers yet. Of course, we're talking about Dierks' dogs Jake and George, who have been at a friends' house for the last three weeks. Dierks says, "We're kind of waiting to bring them back into the fold. They're more maintenance than the kid is. They're like big, barking all the time, going crazy." Dierks plans to let his pups smell a few of Jordan's blankets before he introduces her to them.


  1. I'll take care of them! lol

  2. Letting the dogs smell the blanket is the best to do.My daughter did indroduce her dog to my new grandson and it really helped to get the dog more settled and everyone happy!