Saturday, February 1, 2014

We Can Make It in Five! DBCONGRESS.COM Turns 5 today!

Happy 5-year anniversary, DB Congress!  

Five years ago today, we launched!  So much has happened since then!

We are 767 dedicated Representatives strong!  Five years ago we were just under 400--so we nearly doubled our promo power from all over the world!

Nearly half a million unique visitors viewed our 1,500+ blog posts!  Our Facebook and Twitter pages have gathered more than 4,000 followers!

All of this for one primary purpose:  Promote our president, Dierks Bentley, daily!

Your efforts have helped Dierks achieve number one songs, videos and albums.  And his Facebook page is well over 2 million and one million followers on Twitter!  Phenomenal!

Now we have an opportunity to make history for Dierks again with his new album, Riser, releasing February 25, 2014!  We're thinkin' one of the songs, "Five," (written by Dierks, Riser Producer Ross Copperman and Ryan Tyndell) is appropriate for our 5-year anniversary! It is available as a 90-second preview now on iTunes, along with all the Riser songs.

"Now you're 600 miles away and a 10 hour drive, but if you called me tonight, I can make it in never cross my mind, yeah you stay there all the time."

Yep, we made it in five...years, and Dierks, you are always on our minds, and if you called us tonight, we'd be there in five!

Keep up the great work, congress! Keep requesting "I Hold On" and pre-order your Riser bundle today on!  Tell all your friends!

*Special thanks to Stephanie Lanham, DBC Rep (MO), for creating and sharing all the great graphics over the last five years!  That's her DBC logo at the top, and check out the new blog header!  Cool, huh?  What are you thinkin', congress!  Leave a comment and join me in thanking Steph!

Ronna (FL)
DB Congress Chair


  1. Thank you to all of you who started DB Congress and work so hard to keep the Congress site going, as well as Twitter and Facebook! I'm ready to help Dierks get his next #1! Thank you again! I love being a part of the Congress!

  2. Thank you, Sherrie! Dedicated fans like you who promote Dierks every day are the epitome of why we exist!