Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Dierks Brings Iowa 'Home' on 9/11/11

According to the Spencer Daily Reporter, "Country superstar Dierks Bentley asked the crowd if he was the "only one who wanted to party" and the crowd let him know he wasn't alone. Bentley performed before a large crowd Sunday night, the first of two major country acts playing the Clay County Fair grandstand. Bentley performed several hits and had the crowd in the concert all night long." Photo by Michael Fischer.

Fellow Iowan and one of the DB Congress founding members, Mona Purdy, hadn't seen our president  (Dierks Bentley) perform in over 13 months!  Read her story here:

"This time I didn't have to drive at least two hours, he played in my hometown (Spencer, Iowa)! I had been very nervous ever since the date was announced because of the way ticket sales are handled. I did get standing room only! I arrived at the fairgrounds around noon and no one was around just yet. I walked around with the family and kept checking back at the gates. About 2 p.m. I found some friends had arrived so I joined them in line. I have seen Hollie, Kirsten, and Judy at several other shows. Doug would be joining us later. My friend Holly and her husband would also be joining us. This would be Holly's first time in a standing room only area and her first Meet and Greet!

When I went to check the Will Call Office for the M&G passes, a woman (Felicia) came up to me and asked if I was Mona. She told how she had been worried about her name change and if it would prevent her from picking up her pass. One of the people she had contacted had emailed her a photo of Dierks and I, and told her to look for me. She couldn't remember the name right away, but when she mentioned that person wanted a review, I knew it was Ronna!

This is weird, but to attend the M&G we had to leave the venue and were nervous about getting back inside. We were right up against the barricade in front of the stage and had many people saving our spots. Holly and I made our way back to the meet up area and met up with Felicia. She was the first in line but didn't want to be. So I went first! I'm not nervous about meeting Dierks anymore. But I really love to watch people meet him for the first time. It's awesome. During the M&G I asked him about an expected release for the new album. He said February. He told us he would be doing an acoustic version of the song "HOME" which would be the next single.

Later on stage, Dierks mentioned that his long time supporters had asked about the new music and he motioned towards the group dead center in front, my group!

During Frankie Ballard's show, Hollie and I had discussed the stage's height and our close proximity to it--perfect for catching sweat. Maybe 10 minutes later, Frankie stood above us (the stage was a couple of feet higher than us) and shook his head! We both started laughing as the sweat hit us! I was pleasantly surprised by Frankie's show. Not a big fan of A Buncha Girls, but he put on a good show. Enjoyed it. Between Dierks and Frankie's sets, a woman came up and asked if I was Mona. She had seen my tweet to the dbcongress!

@MLVSLTA:   "@dbcongress anyone in Spencer yet? Look for a fat woman in a white db congress tee. It's Mona!"

Then @dbcongress retweeted it, then...
@MLVSLTA:   "@dbcongress way to go Ronna! I just met the IA rep who was worried about the name change @ her M&G. she got it just fine!"
Dierks played almost every one of his singles, all but Long Trip Alone and Draw Me A Map. He played a new song about things that go together. That could be a hit single! He introduced his new song HOME. This was the tenth anniversary of 9/11. What a beautiful, awesome song! I can't wait to hear it at radio, and get the download! Dierks mentioned a few times about this being a Sunday--you couldn't tell it was by the crowd--we were loud! So Dierks announced that he was going to skip the encore and just keep playing.

It was a perfect night--Dierks playing live, and great friends to share the fun with!

My friend Holly is going to check out  She emailed me last night.  This show was a wonderful new experience and I think it will make her a devoted fan for life!"

~Mona Purdy
DB Congress Rep

That's what we like to hear, Mona! We're growing the DB Congress, one fan at at time!


  1. What a great concert review. Glad you wrote it. Thanks for keeping me in touch with Dierks shows. It looks like it will be a while for me to attend another...bummer!

  2. It was a great night. Thanks again for helping me through it. lol...I dont think I'll be so nervous next time:)