Sunday, February 13, 2011

Dierks Performs at HBO Headquarters

Dierks Bentley, Big Kenny and Rivers Rutherford played at the HBO headquarters in Santa Monica, CA for the Academy of Country Music Nashville Screenwriters Conference Guitar Pull.  The ACM posted this video on their You Tube page.

"As a songwriter you just want your songs to reach as many people as possible whether through country radio and award shows like the ACMs but also tv and movies are great.  I'd be honored to have one of my songs ever in a movie or tv show.  It would be the coolest things as a songwriter." ~
Dierks Bentley


  1. That was super cool to watch. = )

  2. I will hold out hope that one day Draw Me a Map will find the audience it was always meant to have. For now, though, I'll just be happy to hear Sideways during the NASCAR races. ;)