Monday, February 7, 2011

Video/Audio From Dierks Bentley's Live Studio Stream - Part 3

For those of you who didn't catch the live stream, all those who did watched in silence while chat-typing for most of the week, with an occasional few seconds or minutes of audio.  So the spectators took to "naming" all the people they were seeing in the studio--collectively known as The Wolf Pack, and the fans were an extension of the Wolf Pack.  Dierks was dubbed, "Stubbs."

"I hate saying good-bye! We will never forget Blackbeard, Frobee, Sean Connery,  Blow Dryer Guy..":.

"Camera Guy, GOTR (Guy on the Right), and JR's 2 snowmen joke":

"You can hear it talk, you can hear it sing (acoustic jam)":

"Saying the final good-bye to Wolf Pack":

*Special thanks to Janet Lowe, New Jersey DB Congress Rep, for capturing and sharing all the memories!

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