Saturday, February 12, 2011

Drummer, Steve Misamore, Opens Doors For Dierks Bentley

Steve Misamore has played drums for Dierks Bentley since the beginning.  He says it's a dream job.  Many DB fans might be surprised to know it was Steve who opened some industry doors for Dierks in 1999 that lead to the success he has today.  You can hear Steve play drums on Feel That Fire from the same album name, and on Free and Easy (Down The Road I Go) on the Long Trip Alone record.  Road Dawg Online interviewed Steve in the video below.

Road Dawg Online Interview with Steve Misamore (RoadDawg Online is an all-access pass to the world of touring drummers).

"Steve Misamore has been through it all with Dierks Bentley; from playing the bars in Nashville, to getting Dierks' demo CD to record execs, to packing sold-out arenas. In this RoadDawg interview, Steve dishes on his influences, his move to Nashville, the audition process and life on the road with Dierks."


  1. What a treat! Definitely the most I've ever heard Steve talk, but I think what I liked the most was how much he believed in Dierks at the very beginning. Awesome.

  2. Loved this interview! Steve is a great guy and it's cool that he has been so involved in Dierks' career since the beginning.

  3. That was a great interview. So glad he is enjoying the ride!

  4. It's great to hear the story of Dierks coming up from playing at the clubs from someone else. I enjoyed the story. Steve is cool! Dawn