Friday, April 22, 2011

AITOO Shows Strong Survey/Chart Positions

"Am I the Only One" continues its impressive climb up the charts this week, as it lands at #26 on Billboard this week (up 7 spots/over 2 million in audience!), and #30 on Mediabase (up 4 spots/2.5 million in audience). Be listening for the song on national countdown shows in the coming weeks! 

One survey program directors can use is Callout America, which is where a sample of listeners in 40 markets nationwide take part in a phone-call survey. I was pleasantly surprised to see that "Am I the Only One" debuted on Callout America this week at #14! The chart includes the general reader responses, such as the percentage who like/dislike the song, or are neutral. What I found particularly interesting was that not only was it the highest debut this week on the Callout America chart, it debuted well ahead of another song currently flying up the charts: Luke Bryan's new single, which is also Luke's fastest-rising single to date. This intrigued me because Luke debuted at #26 of 35 songs ... which indicates that although the song is garnering a ton of airplay and adds, it isn't necessarily the most publicly well-received song. (Zac Brown Band's "Colder Weather" is #1 on the chart.) 

For those of you who went to Nashville Country Club to sign up for their surveys, those survey results should post next week. So be sure to have your voice be heard! "Am I the Only One" can certainly already be considered a "hit" single, but let's do everything we can do to make sure we get our Prez to the top where he belongs! 

Carrie S. (DBC Rep/Chart Reporter ~ NC)

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