Sunday, April 24, 2011

Dierks Proves To Be A Class Act For Fan Cecely

Just when Dierks Bentley fan, Cecely, thought her hopes were dashed to meet Dierks, a series of Tweets, raised them again.  Cecely drove over two hours from Nebraska to Sioux Falls, South Dakota, to get to her second Bentley concert--front row!  During the show, Dierks sang in front of her and held her hand for a second, but no guitar pic.

After the show, she and her friends waited in the cold for a chance to meet DB--but it wasn't to be.  See the Twitter conversation below:

From Cecely:
Hey @dierksbentley .I'm front row..can you give me a guitar pick please :)

Hey @dierksbentley can you meet us out back by your bus please ..thanks :)

Hey@dierkbentley I'm freezing my but off waiting for you outside

Well waited long enough I guess for @dierksbentley to get the feeling back in my body

From Dierks:
@itsmeCecely sorry cecely! we are headed out. I'll always sign an autograph or take a pic. didn't see anyone out there. thx for coming out

From Cecely:
@DierksBentley ok thanks time I guess love you and the show. It rocked

Then, Dierks replied:
“@itsmeCecely: Well waited long enough I guess for @dierksbentley to get the feeling back in my body”-sorry! still want to take a pic?


@DierksBentley omg. ..aaahhhh I'm out of town already..if u would wait like 15 min I would be there but I'm guessing you can't ;( I think I'm going to cry right now...I don't know if I should turn around and see @dierksbentley

@dierksbentley I'm turning around I'm coming please wait

@itsmeCecely actually.... we will wait. come back!

@DierksBentley omg I'm comming ahhh ur aweesome


This was an especially incredible story, since it was the very first time Cecely had met Dierks!  She told me she's not in the fan club but she's always wanted to join.  Her friend Tasha was with her and she was tweeting and texting for Cecely while she drove and Tasha got to meet Dierks, too.

"When I finally got back to the venue and found where he was," Cecely said, "he came out from his friends and was happy that I made it.  I told him thanks so much for waiting and taking the time to come talk to me.  He thanked me for coming to the show and mentioned that I waited a while for him and was sorry he didn't see us out there.  My friend Britney told him about my drive and he appreciated me driving out to the show.  We talked about his next show and about Easter.  I told him that I loved his show and always loved his performances. Then we took a picture and he signed my poster, then I let him go back to his friends and he told me that he loved meeting me and to have a safe trip home!"

I don't know about you, but I have NEVER heard of an artist who would invite, much less WAIT while a fan drove BACK to the venue!  Dierks Bentley is ONE CLASS ACT and this story is just another example of why I (and I suspect Cecely) will be a fan of his for life!

~Ronna Clark
DB Congress Chair


  1. WOW! Dierks is the BEST!

  2. Just one of the many reasons I love Dierks. Dierks is awesome to his fans!!!

  3. D is da ABSOLUTE BEST . = ) !!