Thursday, April 14, 2011

Am I the Only One Continues Fast Rise

Dierks Bentley's latest single, Am I the Only One, continued its march up the charts this week, moving up 4 spots to #33 in its 3rd week on Billboard, and moved to #34 (also up 4 spots) on Mediabase in its 2nd week. Additionally, it was on 21 new Billboard-monitored stations, and 19 new Mediabase-monitored stations. Across the broad spectrum of all country stations (some of which are not monitored and therefore don't report), there are only about 50 stations that aren't playing it. After 3 weeks, I don't think that's half bad. (It's already out-performed Draw Me a Map.) 

Am I the Only One is likely to move into the Top 30 next week, so for those of you whose radio stations are a "top 30 only" format, your time should come soon! Top 30 will also mean syndicated spins on the weekly countdown shows, as well as being added to radio surveys such as Rate The Music. Another great survey you might be interested in signing up for is over at Nashville Country Club, and those survey results are actually used in a chart that is included with the Billboard release every week, so in a few weeks we'll be able to get a sense of the survey audience reaction toward the song, as well. 

And CMT's news that the new video (featuring Jake!) will debut during their Big New Music Weekend April 22-24 should be welcome, too, and will only help add to the exposure for the song. 

If your station is one of the few still not playing the song, don't stop calling, tweeting, texting, and emailing your DJs to let them know you're ready to get your good time on with Dierks! Surely they don't want to be the only one not playing it! 

~ Carrie S. (DBC Rep/Chart Reporter ~ NC)

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