Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Dierks may not be on the road right now, but with 'I Wanna Make You Close Your Eyes' on the verge of being #1, our president has hit the campaign trail calling into radio stations across the country! If you hear Dierks on your local station, let us know and we'll keep adding the audio here so all our representatives can listen in!

**Mantel in the Morning on WGAR in Clevland, OH.

**Pat and Tom on KNCI in Sacramento, CA where one of our own Congress reps, Cassandra, gets a shout out!

**KJ97 in San Antonio, TX.

**US99 in Chicago, IL

**Mike and Amy on The Wolf 99.5 in Portland, OR.

**KILT in Houston, TX

**KNIX in Phoenix, AZ

**WMZQ in Rockville, MD


  1. once again... I don't know how you get these kinds of things but thanks so much for posting, it was great listening to him! However, the one question about standing or sitting.... that's one piece of info I don't really need to know about Dierks... very funny!!

  2. I agree Patty...TMI! Of all the great music they could have discussed with him! On a positive note, D was on WQYK this morning and DB Congress got a shout out! Waiting for them to upload the audio....did anyone hear it?

  3. I finally got to listen to all of these - hilarious!