Sunday, January 17, 2010


Hey DB Congress! Today is the last day to help Dierks Bentley get to #1 this week. We need to pull out all the stops on this campaign to get "I Wanna Make You Close Your Eyes" to #1. If it doesn't happen this week and Tim or Jason take over and get to #1 before DB, it may never go #1. So it's gonna take an act of congress!

Call, email, tweet, text, post on you gotta do, but please let your DJs --all throughout the day--know how much Dierks and Eyes means to you and get them to play it again and again today! We have until midnight!

Go, Go, Go! We can do this!

Still need convincing? Watch the video again for motivation!


Ronna Clark
DB Congress Chair

1 comment:

  1. *sniffle* he talked about how it never made it to #1 last night... but if it was gonna be beat by someone, at least it was Tim McGraw.