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Congratulations, Molly! She's a Dierks Bentley Congress Cabinet Member, and she won the Valentine's Contest via the Fan Club to see Dierks at the sold-out CMA Songwriter Series show in New York City on March 25!

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And the winner of the 2 tickets to see Dierks at the sold-out CMA Songwriter Series in New York is… DB Congress member Hotomolly20! You ALL submitted amazing and heartwarming stories about Dierks' love songs - It's a shame that we only have one pair of tickets to give away, but we think Molly is a very deserving winner. Read her contest entry below, and let's congratulate her on the big win!

The song that says the most about love to me is "Long Trip Alone." My husband Tom and I are high school sweethearts and had been married since 1995. Around 2002, we decided to start our family. Like most couples, we thought getting pregnant and having a child would be easy...just a matter of time. However, this was not the case for us.

We were not able to conceive a child, which was a devastating thing for us. As the years passed and our disappointment mounted, we turned to each other for support and understanding. We had so much love to give a child and we decided on finding an alternative way to start or family. In 2006, we became certified to adopt...and then we waited. Just as we had waited each month to find out if we were pregnant, now we were waiting to get the phone call about a child available for adoption. Through it all, our song became "Long Trip Alone."

The lyrics parallelled our jouney "over sand and stone" to have a baby. Tom was my strength as he "walked with me a while," and there were many tear-filled nights I would "rest beneath (his) smile." We realized that this journey was indeed a long trip but we were never alone. Not only did we have each other, we also had our faith in God, and His love never waivered. This was especially parallelled in the lines, "And I don't know where I'd be without you here, 'cause I'm not really me without you there."

As we waited to be chosen by a birth mother to adopt, "Long Trip Alone" became our refuge. There were countless days I would listen to this song and find strength in not only the lyrics, but in Dierks' voice. Listening to it not only renewed my commitment to become a Mom, but it also renewed my faith that God would answer our prayers and that Tom would always be by my side on this long trip, and in life.

In December 2006, we were selected to become parents to a baby girl. Taylor Emily Vasey was born January 28, 2007...the most preciuos day of our lives! Taylor is now 3 years old, and of course, she is a HUGE Dierks fan! We took her to her first DB show in October at Penn State. I have attached a photo of her and I (and Dierks waaay in the background!) at the concert.

To this day, whenever we hear "Long Trip Alone," we remember that time in our lives when we were waiting to become parents and how our love for God and each other got us through. Someday, I will share this story with Taylor, because "everbody stumbles some time, and needs a hand to hold." And we will always be grateful to Dierks for sharing this song from his heart.

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  1. What a terrific story! Thanks for posting it so we can all read it.