Sunday, February 7, 2010


A week ago it was the first anniversary of and we used Twitter to draw Dierks Bentley's attention to it, by asking him to give us a statement on this happy occasion (We also included a link to the article about it on the blog). Last night, we are happy to report, he replied to us with a direct message and this is what he said:
"A very happy occasion indeed. Thx for being the foundation of support that you all are!"
Thanks Dierks!

*Source: on Facebook

Yes, thank you so much for the reply! It means the world to us! Thanks Nid, for sharing!


  1. You're welcome. As a DB Congress rep, I too was celebrating the sites first anniversary last week and I thought I would give it a shot and remind Dierks via the Direct Message (I tweeted it too). You never know and lo and behold... He got back to us. Awesome. :)

  2. A great milestone and so great of Dierks to acknowledge it! As I'm sure it is, the DBC should be proud of it's accomplishments!

  3. I love that he replied! Makes the anniversary even that much more special! I'm so proud of all of us!!! We accomplished alot this past year!