Saturday, December 25, 2010

Dierks and Cassidy Bentley Welcome Christmas Baby Jordan

She's here! Jordan Bentley was born on Christmas day! It's a miracle what Jesus and Santa can do when they put their minds together! Proud parents Dierks and Cassidy Bentley, along with sister Evie, were blessed with a special gift! Dierks announced her arrival on Twitter and Facebook:

"say what u want about santa's physique, but no arguing his impeccable timing! evie wanted a little sis for Xmas & JORDAN just arrived!"
Then, 3 hours later:

"she chose the banjo driven part of mumford & sons 'awake my soul' as her walk on music... could be a troublesome sign"
Congratulations to our DB Congress president and his family! We are so happy for you, Dierks, and hope mom and baby Jordan are doing well!

Merry Christmas!


  1. Welcome to the world, Jordan..we love you and your family. You are a very lucky little girl to be born in such a wonderful family!

  2. So happy for Cassidy, Dierks and Evie!! A baby is such a blessing!!! What a wonderful Christmas gift from God! We love you!!!

  3. What an incredible Christmas Blessing! Our daughter was due 12/25 but was born on 12/20! What a special day. Love your DBC NJ GIGI6598 XO

  4. For her to do her walk on to Awake My Soul gives me