Friday, December 31, 2010

Dierks & Blake: How To Cure A Hangover

"Don't bother telling me what I got comin' in the mornin'...I already know," Blake Shelton sings in his "All About Tonight" hit song.

In preparation for the new year, The Boot asked country stars about their resolutions and how to cure a hangover.

Dierks Bentley says there's not really a cure for a hangover. "I think January 1 is universally accepted as a dog, I mean, a little hair of the dog, I guess. But just water and stay on the couch. There's no real sure-fire cure for that."

Blake's cure for a hangover? "I got some feel good pills and a red gatorade by my bed, ready to go."

Watch Dierks at Blake's fan club party in June:

How do you to cure a hangover? We want to know so please leave a comment!

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  1. Take 2 Advil/Tylenol and drink a bottle of water before going to the same when you wake up...and add a greasy cheeseburger to the mix and u'll be good as new :)