Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Bentley's Ridge Album Makes MSN "BEST" List

Nestled among Eminem, Taylor Swift, Jamey Johnson, and Robert Plant is our very own DB Congress president, Dierks Bentley, with his 'left turn' bluegrass project, "Up On the Ridge," earning a well-deserved spot on the MSN Best Albums of 2010 list!

Best Albums, By Sam Sutherland
MSN Music

Another year of music-biz turmoil has brought fresh bulletins from Chicken Little pondering the industry's shrinking fortunes and the Death of the Album in an age of downloads and a la carte songs. But judging from the sonic evidence, reports of the ... morefull-length's demise are premature, at the very least. Many of the artists on our honor roll are represented by new creative peaks, and the diversity of styles brings added reason for good cheer, as does the dominance by artists who've emerged in the new millennium. Here are 2010's most compelling albums as voted by MSN Music's editors and contributors.

Best Albums
Dierks Bentley – "Up on the Ridge" (Capitol Nashville)

One of this year's most satisfying left turns, Dierks Bentley's seventh album finds the charismatic singer chucking modern country convention to head into bluegrass territory. Teaming with a blue-chip cast of bluegrass and... more Americana aces, including Alison Krauss, the Punch Brothers, Julie and Buddy Miller, Kris Kristofferson, members of the Del McCoury Band, Jamey Johnson and Miranda Lambert, Bentley turns a side trip into a satisfying pilgrimage. Smart covers from Dylan and U2 (with Del McCoury himself harmonizing on "Pride (In the Name of Love)" to stunning effect) and well-chosen new material complete a set that's a timely reminder of bluegrass's timeless, high lonesome power. It's also a heartening testimony to the robust health of this homegrown style in the hands of younger musicians.


  1. I knew from the first time I heard this album is will do down as one of the greatest ever...I was right...I told Dierks, personally at a meet and greet how incredible they did Pride...I am a huge U2 fan but when Dierks and Del did Pride something just opened up in me..the vocals were so good and instrumental parts were beautiful to say the least..this entire album of work is great...there is not a track on it that I do not love...you opened my eyes to people I had never heard before like Del McCoury...now I love to hear the man sing...Love you and your music, Becky

  2. Let the fluffly country had their say and they always will because there will always be the tweens and young ones that scream over the glitz and glitter...Dierks though makes true music, whatever title you give it and he has fun doing it, too which in turn makes his fams have fun...I do not know another artist who toured like Dierks did this past year..in venues so his fans so could get up close and personal. I am praying he does a repeat of his 4 nights of NYC next year..that was true greatness on his part..who knows what Dierks will bring us next..As a loyal fan I am willing to wait and know that whatever he delivers will be excellent, well thought out and from his heart...have a wonderful Christmas and New Year with your family, Dierks...hope you all enjoy your new baby girl when she arrives..I wish you and yours all the best! Love, Becky